Fallout 3 – How to Run Game (Windows 10)

Games for Windows Live doesn’t work on Windows 10 anymore, but don’t fret, here is a way.

How to Run Fallout 3

  1. First, go here and download the G4WL disabler.
  2. After you download it and try to run it, it will probably tell you to run the game first as Fallout.ini has not been created yet.
  3. Go to the Fallout 3 games folder. You will find a file called Fallout_default.ini . Copy it.
  4. Go to Documents\My Games\Fallout3 . You will only see the FalloutPrefs.ini file there.
  5. Paste the Fallout_default.ini and rename it to Fallout.ini
  6. Now, place the G4WL disabler in the Fallout 3 folder (with exe in it) and run it.
  7. It will do its thing and afterwards also make it move the DLCs (if you have any) as well.
  8. Run the game. It should work.

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