Fallout 76 – How to Find the Wendigo Colossus (Guide+Map)

Quick guide on how to hunt the newly added creature Wendigo Colossus. Keep in mind this boss is very hard to kill, and you won’t be able to do it solo so bring a friend.

How to Find It

The Wendigo Colossus is currently only found when specific types of random encounter locations have been nuked (the “Assault” type, see map below). It has a 1-in-15 chance to spawn (7%). Enemies will spawn as you approach a location. If it’s not the Colossus, kill whatever spawns and make your way to the other spot. You can keep repeating this step until you find it, but new encounters will only spawn after about 5 minutes.

There are only two areas where you can hit two of these locations with one nuke. Both are shown here:

Managed to find one after 3 nukes, so be patient. Have fun!

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