Fallout Shelter – How to Obtain Blast From The Past Achievement

This guide will tell you how to get the most tedious achievement so you can finally 100% Fallout Shelter.

Blast From The Past Achievement Guide

Quest Earned Dwellers

There are currently three legendary dwellers you can earn normally from just playing the game and doing quests from the Overseer’s office, and they are the following:

  • Sarah Lyons from the 4 part quest “Climbing the Ranks”
  • Preston Garvey From the 5 part quest “A Settler Needs Your Help” (No one could’ve seen that one coming…)
    And the most recent addition…
  • Ed the Ghoul from the 6 part quest “Searching in the Dark”

After that, the remaining 17 dwellers must be found in lunchboxes.

Alternatively, the “Vault-Tec Starter Pack” you get advertised for $4,99 is guaranteed to give you one (1) legendary dweller.

Which if you’d be fine with spending money on a PC port of a phone game, would bring the number of dwellers left to get down to 16.

Getting the Other 17 Dwellers – (Windows 10 Edition])

  • First you start by launching Fallout Shelter in windowed mode.
  • Either create a new vault from scratch and make sure you have the minimum necessary power, water and food.
  • OR
  • Make sure you launch the game and your preferred vault on the first day of the daily report.
  • After that you tab the game down and open the “Adjust Date/Time” setting in windows.
  • Slide the “Set time automatically” setting to off
  • Now what you need to do is click the “change date and time” button and add 7 days to the current date.
  • Alt tab back to the game and give it a second to reload and it should display a completed daily report.
  • Collect all the daily rewards and the lunchbox, after that close the daily report window
  • Alt tab back to the date/time window and enable “Set time automatically” again.
  • Alt tab back to the game so the in-game time re-adjusts itself to the propper time and date. If you skip this step and keep adding 7 days the game risks crashing
  • Alt tab back to the date/time window and repeat the process

This way you’ll be earning infinite lunchboxes, with a rate of one every 10-20 seconds.

British Legends needed to open a total of 631 lunchboxes before they got all 20 legendary characters.

I started in a vault i had put 300 hours into, which had 14 / 20 legendary dwellers already and it took me 354 lunchboxes (3 hours of grind) before i got the last six dwellers. So even if its faster expect to grind this out for a few hours unless you’re really lucky with your drops.

But, to put this into perspective:

My 354 lunchboxes would total about 6 1/2 years of daily logins to earn, assuming i didn’t get any quest or task lunchboxes.

For British Legends who started on a fresh vault it would have taken over 12 years of daily logins to earn them the amount of lunchboxes needed to get all 20 legendary dwellers.

Or with the largest amount of lunchboxes you can buy in the store which is 40. He would’ve had to purchase that 16 times, amounting to $319 to unlock via purchased lunchboxes.

So do not feel bad about ‘cheating’ on this achievement because the truth is… …the game was rigged from the start.


If the daily report shows your rewards but you don’t get anything when clicking them, try adjusting the time again and jump one day back in time from the date you set, this should fix the issue

Info and Reference of All Legendary Dwellers

Legendary dwellers, as the name implies are rare dwellers which can either be earned in quests (of which there’s only 3 you can earn.) or what you’ll be getting the other 17 from, lunchboxes.

The Legendary dwellers are based off of characters from Bethesda’s line of Fallout games. In other words Fallout 3, 4 and 76.

They have predetermined SPECIAL stats, at least one of which will be 8 points or higher, and (with the exception of Amata) always come equipped with a Legendary outfit and most of the time a legendary weapon.

Legendary dwellers from Fallout 3

Legendary dwellers from Fallout 4

Legendary dwellers from Fallout 76 and Other

Q&A about Legendary Dwellers

  • Q: Does legendary dwellers have to all be different to count towards the achievement?
  • A: No, duplicates do count. When i got my achievement i had 3 Eulogy Jones’, 2 Elder Lyons and 2 Preston Garveys
  • Q: Can you take a legendary dwellers’ gear?
  • A: Yes, if you want to put the items on some other character or scrap them to make something better, you can.
  • Q: Will altering a legendary dwellers’ appearance at the barber remove their legendary status?
  • A: No, a legendary dweller can be altered freely and still be recognized and counted as a legendary dweller. So if you’re bothered by having a bunch of clones in your vault, feel free to re-name them, change their appearance and clothing.
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