Far Cry 6 – How to Play Multiplayer Co-Op

This Far Cry 6 walkthrough and guide will assist you in playing with your friends in Far Cry 6’s new, expansive multiplayer mode.

How Multiplayer Works

In comparison to previous Far Cry games, multiplayer in Far Cry 6 is a little different. For starters, the entire game can be played in multiplayer co-op (after unlocking multiplayer by completing the fourth mission, Du Or Die).

How to Play Multiplayer Co-Op

In Far Cry 6, getting into multiplayer is simple, and it isn’t limited to people on your friend list.

Make sure you’ve completed Operation 4: Du Or Die before you begin. After that, select the Co-Op menu in the upper right corner of the Menu (the hamburger button on PlayStation 5, which is located immediately to the right of the touchpad).

You can add friends from a variety of sources, such as Search, Voice Chat, Parties, Friends, Game Owners, and Played Together on the PS5.

Things You Should Know About Multiplayer

  • Keep Your Friends Close: If you don’t keep your friends close during your co-op session, you’ll get hurt. You’ll get a warning to stay close to your coop partner once you’ve moved 269 meters away, but you won’t take damage until you’ve moved 280 meters away (a distance roughly five times the length of your location arrow).
  • Everyone gets a share of the loot! Everyone gets loot when the host or co-op guest opens the chest. The item will occasionally be the same, but it will almost always be different, especially if one of you has already opened the chest in their game. As a result, teaming up with someone who hasn’t opened any chests can actually be beneficial, as you can get bonus loot!
  • Saving Libertad members reveals the same caches for both players, which is great because you’ll need to stick close together anyway.
  • Locations, Locations, Locations: Your co-op partner will be able to see the locations of things like Roosters, USB Sticks, and more if you purchased them. Use this to find all of the coolest items while sharing your findings.
  • This is most likely a bug, but… In co-op, dying and resurrecting can reveal guerrilla hideout locations in previously unexplored areas of the map, reveal dialogue from secret endings, and more.

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