Far Cry 6 – How to Unlock Chicharron

This Far Cry 6 guide page covers everything you need to know about unlocking Chicharron, the ferocious rooster who serves as the Amigo in Yara’s El Este region. He is an attack rooster who will slaughter anything in his path.

How to Get Chicharron

Chicharron is unlocked after completing the El Este mission “Meet the Legends.” After that, you must complete three Side Quests in which you assist Chicharron in delivering sweet justice to the FDA along Vacia Coast.

Everything you Need to Know About Chicharron

What you need to know about Chicharron and how to effectively use him in battle is as follows:

  • Chicharron is a Combat Amigo with a highly aggressive nature, which means he will engage in direct combat with enemies.
  • His signature maneuver is to leap into the air and slash at his targets’ heads with his razor-sharp talons. This easily creates an opening for you to attack enemies.
  • Chicharron, like Guapo, is unsuitable for stealthy approaches due to his combative nature. Either direct him to a specific location by pressing Right on the D-Pad while aiming at the ground, or dismiss him temporarily via the Amigo section of the Pause Menu (a brief cooldown period will occur before you can call him back).

After achieving certain milestones, Chicharron can be upgraded with three Amigo Abilities:

  • Roid Rage – When Chicharron’s health drops below 70%, he attacks faster and deals double damage. Unlocked after defeating 12 adversaries.
  • Angrier Bird – Chicharron’s charge move now knocks opponents to the ground.
  • Chicken Feet – When Chicharron’s health drops below 70%, he is more likely to avoid enemy attacks.
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