Far Cry 6 – How to Unlock Chorizo

Chorizo, the adorable puppy amigo, is unlocked in the Madrugada region of Yara, and this page of the Far Cry 6 guide details everything you need to know about him.

How to Get Chorizo

After completing the “Meet The Monteros” story mission, Chorizo becomes available. After that, go to Chorizo’s kennel near the Construction Office to find him. You won’t be able to add him as an Amigo right away: you’ll have to complete two Side Quests, one to put food in his bowl and the other to see him demonstrate his knack for revealing treasure for you, before you can do so.

Everything you Need to Know About Chorizo

Here’s everything you need to know about using Chorizo, the cutest animal companion on the planet:

  • Chorizo is a Stealth Amigo, which means he will try to avoid direct combat. He’s a support Amigo who distracts rather than assassinates, unlike Oluso.
  • Instead of attacking enemies, pressing right on the D-Pad commands Chorizo to approach them and distract them with his adorableness. This allows you to either perform a Stealth Machete Kill or slip by undetected.
  • Chorizo is unable to harm enemies as he lacks any moves or abilities that would allow him to do so.
  • When Chorizo distracts an enemy, he always positions himself in such a way that the enemy does not look directly at you, ensuring that your cover is not blown inadvertently.

Chorizo’s amigo abilities can be upgraded as follows:

  • Bloodhound – Chorizo’s Bloodhound will tag nearby crafting resources. Chorizo is unlocked after he distracts 10 enemies.
  • Yes, You Can – Chorizo will restore your health when you pet him. After tagging 36 loot containers, the achievement was unlocked.
  • Keen Senses – Chorizo has keen senses and will occasionally dig up Resources from the ground.

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