Far Cry 6 – How to Unlock Oluso

This Far Cry 6 guide page is all about how to unlock animal companion Oluso, the game’s most elusive Amigo.

How to Get Oluso

Oluso is the only animal companion that can be unlocked through completing tasks throughout Yara. To unlock her, you must first complete the entire Triada Blessings Side Quest line.

Everything you Need to Know About Oluso

What you need to know about effectively using Oluso in the game is as follows:

  • Oluso is a Stealth Amigo, but is ultimately more aggressive than the distracting Churizo or the scouting Boom Boom. Rather than that, she resembles a silent assassin.
  • Oluso’s primary ability is his ability to dispatch enemies quickly and completely silently. Even better, after Oluso kills them, their bodies will vanish in a puff of smoke, meaning they will not remain on the ground to alert enemies. Sweet!
  • Oluso also makes a decent Combat Amigo due to her aggressive nature, though her true domain is in stealth.

After achieving certain milestones, Oluso can be upgraded with three Amigo Abilities:

  • Mimo Abosi’s Luck – Oluso is more adept at stealth takedowns during tense firefights. Unlocked following the defeat of 12 enemies in Restricted Areas.
  • Rage of Ida – A successful takedown will frighten nearby adversaries and force them to flee the battlefield. After 24 lethal takedowns, this ability is unlocked.
  • Mist of Oku – Oluso is obscured in smoke when he is below 50% health, regenerates health more quickly, and is immune to all damage. Unlocked after Oluso successfully scares 50 opponents with lethal takedowns.

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