Far Cry 6 – How to Unlock the Secret Ending

Far Cry 4 and 5 both had secret endings you could find right at the beginning of the game. And although Far Cry 6’s option isn’t immediate, they’ve definitely kept the secret, early ending tradition alive. Here’s what happens and how you do it.

How to Unlock the Secret Ending

Dani Rojas, an orphan born and raised on the poor streets of Yara, is conscripted into a local rebel group known as Libertad by its leader, Clara Garcia, when an attempted escape on a boat goes wrong towards the beginning of the game.

You agree to help destabilize Yara’s dictatorship by destroying Anton Castillo’s naval fortifications, thus insuring your escape, with Garcia holding the keys to your freedom (in the form of a boat ride to Miami) (and the escape of Libertad).

You Get a Boat, and You Get a Boat!

You’ll break past the barrier during the 7th mission, Libertad Rises. After completing the task, you’ll be transported to Libertad’s sanctuary island, where the eighth operation, The Guerrilla, will commence.

Clara surprises Dani by keeping her word and handing over the keys to a yacht, leaving the player with two alternatives… Stay and battle (and the game will continue) or use the boat to flee Yara and make your way to America.

Miami, Here I Come!

The Guerrilla begins with you standing on the dock, facing the island. Turn around and get in the boat, then look at the engine for a prompt to start it up and drive it.

Pull away from the pier, turn around and proceed southeast, then turn right and follow your compass to the west toward the map’s edge once you reach the open sea. Continue sailing, and Dani will claim that the Libertad movement is not Yara’s battle.

The End?

If you keep sailing, a three-month time jump will occur, revealing Dani relaxing on a beach in Miami, just as she promised. The cinematic will come to a close when a newscaster on the radio announces Anton has killed Libertad’s leader, Clara.

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