Far Cry 6 – Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Far Cry 6 is here, bringing to the next generation its unique blend of open-world chaos and terrifying villains. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by Ubisoft’s latest open-world game, or just want to get a head start, we’ve got plenty of pointers to get you through the first few hours.

Tips and Tricks

  • Enemy Locations: Enemies who haven’t been scanned appear on the minimap as a hazy cloud of red rather than a precise dot. If you see this, you can be sure that at least one enemy is nearby. The darker the cloud, the more unscanned enemies are in the vicinity.
  • Keep an eye out for stronger opponents: Enemies who are significantly stronger than you have red health bars, indicating that they will not die from a headshot (unless it is from a bow). (I’ll get to that later.) If there’s also a skull, the enemies are far more powerful than usual: you can take them on, but be warned: you won’t be fighting fairly. Level up Dani to a higher rank by earning XP to make them easier.
  • Enemy Medics Alter Combat: If there is an enemy medic in the area, some enemies will not die right away and will have the chance to be revived by their medic, similar to how you can pick up downed players in the game’s co-op mode or in other shooters.
  • Arrange Your Most Recent Weapons: Pressing Y/Triangle switches between your two most recent weapons, but you can have up to four weapons on you at once: three main guns and a small sidearm. As you prepare for a fight, you may want to tailor your most recent weapons so that you don’t have to fiddle with your weapon wheel when things get hectic. The top of the wheel is Slot 3, and the bottom of the wheel is Slot 1.
  • Check the Accessibility Options: You can turn on enemy and pickup outlines before you even start the game. Enemy Outlines and Pickup Outlines can be enabled in the game’s robust accessibility menu, under the Audio & Interface options, allowing you to more clearly see your targets in a busy environment or find loot within dense foliage, for example. There are plenty of other accessibility options in this menu as well, so take a look to see if you can make your Far Cry 6 experience more accessible.
  • How Unlocked Modifications Work: You can use materials from the Resolver Workbench to craft attachments and mods for your weapons. Once you’ve crafted a specific type of mod for a weapon type, such as Armour-Piercing rounds for a Rifle, you can use it on any weapon of that type. As you add more and more options to your arsenal, the cost of modifying your weapon becomes more of a one-time permanent unlock system.
  • The Most Important Materials: The materials you’ll use the most at the workbench are gunpowder and Supremo-Bond. All gun mods require Gunpowder, and all Supremo mods require Supremo-Bond, so make sure you’re completing operations, capturing military targets, and looting FND and Libertad caches to find more of these supplies.
  • Level Up Your Amigos: Amigos have unique characteristics that make them stand out in battle, but you can also unlock additional abilities for them by meeting certain requirements, such as having your Amigo kill a certain number of enemies, revive themselves, or distract enemies.
  • If you want to operate alone, you can temporarily dismiss your Amigo. Use Cross/A to dismiss your Amigo in the Amigo tab. Do the same thing to bring them back to your side when you want them back. This is useful for stealth players who might find Guapo’s aggression to be a hindrance.
  • Change Your Loadout At Any Time: Since Far Cry 5, you can change your loadout’s weapons at any time in the Arsenal menu. Having said that, if you want to change a mod in one of those guns, such as swapping armor penetration bullets for soft target bullets, you’ll need to find a workbench. So it’s a good idea to have a few different weapons on hand, each with its own set of mods, so you’re ready for any type of enemy…
  • Summon Your Ideal Horse: The green horse icon on your map indicates a hitching post where you can summon a horse. Before summoning the horse, you can change its breed (depending on what you’ve unlocked so far), as well as its coat pattern (when combined with the “Magic Horse” comment).
  • How to Use “Follow Road” When driving, press the “Follow Road” button to have the vehicle or horse follow the road. Cars can only go so fast on their own, so if you want to go fast, you’ll have to use the accelerator yourself, and if you take a turn too quickly, you’ll probably go wide. If there are any lampposts in the way, the feature struggles to navigate around cars and other traffic. You can adjust the steering and fire your weapon, but manually braking will disengage the Follow Road, so be cautious with the brakes if you aren’t ready to take back control.
  • Avoid Parking On The Road: When exiting a vehicle that you intend to return to, try to avoid parking on the road and instead park to the side. Locals appear to be unprepared for unexpected roadblocks, and if soldiers drive by and become stuck, they may become hostile towards you when you return to your vehicle.
  • Your Horse Won’t Tolerate Everything: You’re likely to be kicked off if you ride a horse into too deep water, ask it to jump a gap, or slow the horse down too quickly.
  • Many outposts and missions are built with the ability to be approached silently or with guns blazing. The larger the infiltration area, the more entry points you’ll likely find. You can also obtain critical objectives, such as door keys, by clearing the outpost for automatic access or finding a key in an office or backroom, depending on the location. However, stealth is ultimately more rewarding, as you gain additional resources for liberating a FND Base while remaining undetected, as well as for discovering the hidden computer.
  • The Triador Supremo and La Varida Rifle, as well as an Amigo who is good for stealth, the Spirit Panther, Oluso, are all part of the La Triada Treasure Hunt quest. To begin the Treasure Hunt quests, locate the cave on Isla Santurio. All of these items work together in a unique way, ensuring that you’ll be a terror that no one can predict.
  • Headshots with a bow are always one-shot kills. It takes some practice to pull off consistently, but it’s well worth it if you want to remain stealthy or face enemies far above your current rank.
  • Prioritize Each Area’s Introduction Quests: Do the initial “Meet the X” Operation first when arriving in one of the three mainland areas. This will provide you with a very convenient base of operations in the middle of the region, as well as a Fast Travel point with every vehicle and mount spawn available.
  • First, you must purchase the Hideout Network and Guerilla Garrison: After you’ve unlocked your first Guerilla Camp, speak with the Foreman to discuss which two of the six facilities you should get first. New Fast Travel points have been added to the Hideout Network, which you can Airdrop to using a new Wingsuit Tool. Guerilla Garrison provides better fighting equipment for Guerillas, as well as Recon Laptops that can be used to better scope out FND Bases than your phone.
  • As far as we can tell, FND and Libertad caches provide you with equipment in a predetermined order, rather than having predetermined contents for each chest. While croc chests contain one-of-a-kind weapons, these general caches will provide you with more common resources and loot. To progress through the loot pool and get to the really good stuff, you’ll need to make sure you open every chest you come across. Many of the guns and gear can be purchased with Pesos, but they can also be obtained for free by opening a chest.
  • Go Your Own Way: Once you accept a mission in Far Cry 6, it is not entirely linear. You can keep track of multiple operations, treasure hunts, military targets, and side missions at the same time, and switch between them as needed.
  • Tank Takedown/Tanks a Lot: Target the rear barrel of a tank if you want to blow it up. This will reveal the engine’s weak spot, allowing you to begin doing serious damage. You’ll need to find an empty tank if you want to hijack one for yourself.
  • Slide Like An Apex Legend: You can slide downhill indefinitely, which is a great way to get away from soldiers if you’re being pursued or to quickly approach a base while maintaining a low profile.
  • Transmogrify the Revolution: Did you find a new piece of gear with a bonus you really like, but it clashes with your wardrobe? You can change the item’s appearance to match any piece of gear you already own by inspecting it.
  • Commandeer Traffic allows you to scan civilian vehicles with your phone camera, instantly unlocking them for summoning at any vehicle spawn location. Getting these while they’re moving can be difficult. Attempt to block the car’s path, forcing it to come to a halt. You can ask the driver to get out so you can use it yourself if you go to the driver’s side. Scanning the car with your phone now that it has come to a halt! This will not, however, work on military vehicles.
  • Remember to Include the Supremo! You know that constantly flashing icon in the bottom right corner of the UI, begging you to use it? That icon indicates that your Supremo backpack’s special ability is ready to use. These are extremely powerful abilities that can completely change the course of any battle, and they should always be used when the situation calls for it. Remember that at the workbench, you can add new gadgets and mods to each Supremo, giving you a plethora of new combat and stealth options.
  • Finally, if you come across the Angelito FW Turbo, also known as this heavily modified buggy with a turbine on the back, grab it, hold on to it, and don’t let go. This device allows you to fly at the touch of a button. It’s occasionally found in the Revmira Supply Dock, on the map’s western edge. If you come across one, scan it with your phone so you can call it up later. You’ll have to watch out for Anti-Air Batteries, but nothing beats soaring towards the clouds and living your Back To The Future fantasies over traffic and soldiers. That is, minus the time travel.

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