Farmer Against Potatoes Idle – Advanced Game Tips

A short guide on small things you can do to increase progress in Farmer vs Potato idle.

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After a few ascensions in Farmer Against Potato Idle (FAPI) you may be wondering how you can speed it up and be higher on the leaderboards. This guide is for you!

This is NOT an in-depth guide. This is a list of things you can/should be doing to make fast progress in the game. Mastering FAPI is a combination of many small factors. Skipping even 1 often means much slower progress. This is a good starter list for progressing quickly up to A11+. Don’t skip items! This guide contains game spoilers. If you don’t want to see late game content then stop reading now.

  1. Have a good team. Your pet teams should cover as many bonuses as possible. Pet bonuses are a huge factor in making fast progress. An ideal team might be something like Esus, Vishnou, Tock, The Governess, Garuda, Itzamna. This gets you 14 pet bonuses. Better teams are teams that can boost pet attack or other aspects of expeditions. You can find those teams in game guides or spreadsheets on the FAPI discord server.
  2. Use multiple teams. You will want a generic team that covers most bonuses. You will then want a specialized teams for collecting worms/larva, reincarnation points, item farming, milk farming, whack scores, etc.
  3. Make sure all the pets you use for your teams are permanently in expeditions. You will want those pets to be as high rank as possible. Fill out your expedition teams with the best pets and make sure all your key team pets are always running expeditions to increase rank 24/7.
  4. Cover all the important bonuses. Missing even one bonus can hurt a lot. For example, I was using a team that didn’t have a confection pet and it took me 2 extra days to clear ascension 10 because of it. If you are missing key bonuses you will need to add pets that have those bonuses from time to time or you will fall behind.
  5. Spend your talents correctly. Generally, you will want to spend your talent points in the order of priority. Get all the reincarnation nodes trained first, then residue nodes, then class xp (can be moved down the list a bit if needed), then pet xp, then milk, then max potatoes and skulls. Each class and run should use a similar talent priority so that you aren’t wasting time doing runs without getting reincarnation levels (RL).
  6. Always check to make sure your reincarnation team is equipped before you reincarnate.
  7. Update your equipment often. I usually farm a new set of gear every day. Your item scores should be going up about 50%+ per day. Always try to farm gear from key HARD levels such as 3-9h, 4-9h, 5-9h, 6-1h, etc.
  8. Keep your runs under 12 hours long. Efficiency drops off a cliff at 12 hours because your score multiplier slows to a crawl.
  9. Join the discord server and follow the chats. High level players often give tips there every few minutes. It is worthwhile for getting the latest game news also and to learn about upcoming content changes.
  10. Level all your classes, but use Freeloader most of the time. Freeloader has a bonus to how many items drop. These items let you level up your gear. This makes Freeloader 2x or 3x better than every other class, You should do class runs to level them up to keep them close to your top level in Freeloader, and sometimes do class runs for worms or milk…but try to keep them short.
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