Farming Simulator 17 – Farmer’s Favourite Achievement Strategy Guide

Farmer’s Favourite – Help Each Farmer At Least Once – This for me personally was the most painful achievement to attain in FS17. I have put together a strategy guide that makes it even simpler to understand, do and attain.

Farmer’s Favourite Achievement

Important Tips

  1. You do NOT have to complete 100% of the farm work, I have noticed the message of completion appears between 90 – 95% of the field work done.
  2. You do not have to do work for every farm or for every farmer. You only have to help each farmer out one time. Therefore when you see a map that has 32 farms to complete, often times, 2 to 3 farms may be owned by the same person, so instead of assisting with 32 farms, it may just be 15 – 20 farmers that require assistance with their fields.

Farmers & Fields

Below is the best strategy that has helped me the best. In regards to Goldcrest Valley farm, here are the exact farmers to assist and what fields are theirs. If you follow this guide you will end up assisting the exact farmers you need to, doing the most easiest and simplest work possible.

Try to stick mostly to irrigation & fertilisation, not every mission will just be irrigation based, some will also be harvesting but thankfully for the most part they are all under 10 minutes to complete.

In this guide there are 19 farmers on Goldcrest Valley to assist.

  1. Ed Gomez (Field No. 25)
  2. Peter Wood (Field No. 4)
  3. Mary Evans (Field No. 30)
  4. Richard Wright (Field No. 6)
  5. Able Nelson (Field No. 8)
  6. Steven Bell (Field No. 29)
  7. George Watson (Field No. 7)
  8. Dennis Jenkins (Field No. 11)
  9. Daria White (Field No. 20)
  10. Erik Roberts (Field No. 16)
  11. Rob Cook (Field No. 26)
  12. Simon Collins (Field No. 5)
  13. Natalie Johnson (Field No. 17)
  14. Maria King (Field No. 18)
  15. Vic Robertson (Field No. 2)
  16. Alex Young (Field No. 19)
  17. Gary Turner (Field No. 10)
  18. James Harris (Field No. 23)
  19. Joshua Allen (Field No. 9)

Once you have helped Farmer #19 – Joshua Allen for Field #9, you will receive a message of completion followed by the Farmer’s Favourite achievement.

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