Farthest Frontier – Guide to Getting Started

How to Start?

Note: Credit goes to The Unknown

Starting the Game

If you are new to the genre: (and also if you are not)

Those who are brand-new may have issues… I am a *Survival Vet* and even I had slight issues… But this is what I know:

  • After clicking New Game your are presented with various settings like difficulty and map type/size. My advice is vet or newb – start as Pioneer (easiest) and choose the Lake map (Easy map).
  • Name it what you want, it doesn’t matter. And my prefered size is Large (more resources). Randomise the seed as you wish.
  • Click Start Game!

Playing the Game

Once the game starts proper, you will be presented with a text screen which says something like.

Our explorers have explored this area, where should we put our town centre?

Let me tell you:

Best location is near any lakes and things which look like bushes with icons above them.

Please Note: You cannot pause the game in this mode until you have placed the TC.

  • After placing TC pause the game and have a look around the area to see what is around you (animals will not show until some activity is happening (they start building TC) IF there are any in the current uncovered area.
  • Press H key (hot keys are better than mouse) this will open up a *forage tab* where you can chop trees/collect stone/bushes and berries. ONLY have Trees and Stones checked at this point and make the square box a reasonable size (but not too big!)
  • The will start foraging and building the TC – 1st speed is a bit too slow, 2nd speed is just right, 3rd speed is a bit much.
  • Once the TC is built you can start with the other buildings.
  • Press B for the building mode… go under the Houses Tab and place *8* houses, not the required *6* build them in the design you prefer around/near to the TC.
  • Whilst they are building the houses build *2x* wells and a Firewood Splitter nearby (my prefered layout is as follows (i hope this is easy to understand… *H – House, TC – Town Centre, W – Well, ~ -, possible lake but not essential, F-S – Firewood Splitter).

Please Note: Understand that Housing have Desirability and if ANY work place is in the radius of any House they will start getting unhappy.



H ^v H

You want to prioritise at least *4* of the houses (click on a house and click prioritise), *1* of the wells and the Firewood Splitter

  • While these are being built – if there is a lake nearby, build a Fishing Shack *Food Production*… And build a Hunter Cabin, Forager Shack and Smokehouse.

**Build the Hunter Cabin within a nice space from the town (but not too far!) and build the Smokehouse between the HC and the Fishing Shack – look around for animals.. if you cant see any currently, zoom in and pause the game… look for a *deer Badge* Where it says *deer spotted nearby* and set the HC area of effect (looks like a pin/person inside a yellow/gold circle) in that location… if they are a distance… click on the HC and then near the top you will have 3 options… *move/relocate* / Deconstruct / close window… Click the *Relocate* and move it closer, make sure this is prioritised both times…

  • Set the Forager Shack AOE on a group of food nearby (Greens/Berrries/Hawthorn/Sumac – all of these will have the *Berry Badge*
  • Whilst all this is happening make sure you are still chopping tress and collecting stone
  • Build a *Stockyard* (under Storage) which is as close to everything as possible (leads to building unlocks – namely the *Saw Pit*… build that too and you will unlock more things….
  • When the notice comes up about accepting the Immigrants… Do so.
  • Tress grow back and we do not currently have a *Forester* building (@Zanti, please can we?)
  • You should have now passed your first winter.

Once the first winter is coming to a end (the second year has started and season marker is far left) start on the Farm… Only make this the Minimum allowed size or you will not till it for a number of years (Needs Balancing Imo) – once complete, set the seasonal plants. Three growing seasons and one fallow season – because they are only 3 bars… i do not see this as 3 years of farming – but have not personally confirmed this.

Congrats! you have survived the beginning of the game!

P.S. I forgot about *Exploring* … do so often… *E* key and set a flag in the fog of war areas, only one villager will go and touch the flag and then walk back, so place a few in different locations.

Also, once you have complete the basics (before winter comes) if you need it, (you shouldn’t) press H again and check berries… then drag the box over a few (Only a few!)

Further Tips

This is a section for tips that I have either noticed myself.

How many Fishin shack and Hunter cabin can handle one smock house? Caus I think 1:1:1 i ever have to much raw fish & meat.

  • I have only tested with a total of two Fishing Huts and Two Hunter Cabins per one Smokehouse – i think this might be the maximum but i have yet to push it – if you are becoming overwhelmed with raw meat and fish surplus, deactivate one or two of the buildings for a year… you can survive quite nicely for a time on berries and a single farm (Population is max 42 – have not tested starvation yet)

You can relocate Blue Berry Bushes (move from far away to around a forger/root celler) When you que to relocate they won’t have any berries that year but following years will have fruit for collecting.

The Arborist can function somewhat as a forester building by toggling to cut down fully mature trees. But A workcamp in a forested area should keep a healthy supply of wood incoming.

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