Farthest Frontier – Optimal Residential Area Layout

Just a simple layout plan for absolute max population supported by a single (market, healer, school and large statue) center.

Market-Centered Large Module

This is a rotateable module (around the theater, but can be redesigned for solo-use for smaller scale settlements too just by using the additional areas inside the / gray / lines, but naturally those are just guides.

The goal of this layout was to squeeze in the absolute maximum number of houses around a single market, school and healer. (Which is 65 homes).

There is a lot of ‘spare’ area around the corners, where you can fit in any neutral facilities or even forts as you like.

In a rotated module use, the 4 sections support each other with the bakeries and other decorations/ facilities.

In a singular use, you should build a 3rd well and bakery roughly in a triangulated form around the houses to cover the whole.

Note: 2 Rat Catchers can’t cover all the houses, you need a 3rd one in singular use and even in the rotated modul version, there might be issues, so you’ll either need a 3rd one or just micromanage a single one in case of a rat infestation.

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