Farthest Frontier – The Early Years Guide

The Early Years

Note: Credit goes to mikeydsc

Hey, so you found a new home for your people. I think they want to build you a statue. A commemorative statue for the bravery and heroism you showed for getting us out of the land of the lost. Ohhh?!?!?! We don’t have any stone you say?

Looks like it is time to get to work. Again, we have 3 objectives to meet in short order. Food stocks, housing and fresh water.

You placed the Town Center and now it is time to grow. Lets start by placing 1 main road just to give the town an axis to follow initially. A main street per se.

Things to consider when laying out a framework of the town:

  1. Water for wells.
  2. A place for noisy dirty business to do be away from the desirable sections of town.
  3. A place for homes to appreciate in value and free from noise, dirt or pollution. Prime real estate.
  4. A section for food growing and gathering.
  5. Where to place storage so it helps reduce travel time.
  6. Where are the natural resources you need to grow?

Hopefully you put your TC in a location so that you can build our housing near it for the boost in value to desirability. Sometimes starting with a giant X for roads and setting each quadrant to a section of the economy. Housing, production (storage), food (storage) and support buildings (schools, healers etc…).

When laying out your town, don’t place everything side by side. You will want to space stuff out because as we research/unlock new things, we will get new buildings- so plan ahead for them.

The town has a place for WATER, has 4x HOUSES being built and has a HUNTERS LODGE for food. All 3 of the must haves. There is a spot set aside for a fisherman house as well. We have a short time to get us enough food to get through the winter. A foragers hut is also needed. That will give us a few types of food and the population happiness will need these diverse foods later.

As the first snow is starting to fall, lets look over the town to see how far we have come in 1 year. We have added some storage, 2x farm plots and a gatherers hut. The food is a bit touchy as the homes should have enough in them to get thru the winter. The towns food stocks are in dire needs.

During the 2nd year, I gathered more wood and stone to add a fishing hut, 1 of the farm fields is finished and growing some veggies and the 2nd field is almost ready to go. We had to install a fence up north to stop the deer from raiding our farms.

This is the basis for a town to continue on and grow for the foreseeable future.

There is going to be a balance you need to find between growth spurts and having to go add a couple more support type buildings- since as you grow, so do the needs of the population. Feeding 50 people sure is different than feeding 500. 1 healer can only see so many patients in one day.

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