Farthest Frontier – Useful Tips and Tricks

Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Apiaries work best around arborist buildings. They work around farm plots also but orchards are best for now. They also work great around your blueberry bushes. Move the blue berry bushes to a group and place a beehive near it.

For best production, make sure the travel time between storage, home and workplace is kept to a minimum. It does no good if the worker has to go across town to get a material they need to make something. His or her work time is eaten up by walking.

Build farm plots in groups of 3. One farm in the group should always grow clover for 1 year out of 3. This helps to keep the fertility up.

Certain farm choices are worse for fertility than others. The worst ones can remove up to 10 points from your fertility rate, meaning it can take 2 clover plantings to bring the soil back to even- maybe depending on the +/-5 each planting season gets added to the base -5. One planting of wheat can cost from 0 to -10 fertility while clover can cover the opposite spectrum 0 to +10. All depends on that random extra +/-5 thrown in.

Early game wood/stone setup = work camp, temp shelter and well. At the moment the check box remove mature trees only is buggy. Keep moving the circle to not clear cut an area.

Don’t skimp on wells. Villagers use them to put out fires.

Once a farm plot is built and you already have a couple producing food, set the 3 year schedule to field maintenance work and clover for the first 3 years. Get that fertility rate up, and get the rockiness and weeds under control.

Use the F key to see where to place farm plots. Darker green the area, the better fertility it has.

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