Farthest Frontier – Zones of Influence

Zones of Influence

Note: Credit goes to mikeydsc

There seems to be lots of confusion over the buildings range circles and what they do. I have heard of some really odd things that some claim they do.

All buildings will have a yellow circle around them when you are in the building phase and deciding where to build. When you place the building shadow at a site, the circle that extends from it is its catchment area.

That means it will interact on its own with any building in that area. Anything outside of this area, a building will not interact with on its own. Buildings outside this area usually have a family member travel to a business and obtain or drop off something and return home to store it. Some buildings have small circles (houses) and interact with very few limited buildings. Other buildings have a large circles (markets) and interact with many buildings.

This is positive influence with a building. Notice the green outlines amongst the buildings around it?

This is negative influence with other buildings. Notice how they outline in red?

When you select a market, you can see the range of its effect as seen here.

It is very possible a house’s small circle does not overlap a market, so the house has no access to a market.

The house above does happen to fall under the market’s circle, so the house will be given access by the market instead.

As long as a service building’s circle overlaps a house, the house has coverage whether or not the house circle overlaps with the service building.

Some items are special and have additional actions available to use.

For instance, this blueberry bush can be moved and replanted in another location.

Do not like the way the neighborhood looks? Lets change it. Select a building such as a forager’s hut and use the little button top right. Select a new location and set the building down. Wait for the labor that needs to happen to clear out the new location so the building can be moved. You can technically move your whole town a bit at a time like this. Its just gonna cost allot of labor.

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