FATE: Undiscovered Realms – Achievement Guide

A guide going through how to get every achievement in FATE: Undiscovered Realms, with tips on how to maximise efficiency.

Dream Pet

Description: “Transform your pet in all the available companions.” Likely meant to say “Transform your pet into all the available companions”.

Details: This Achievement is only achievable after the “Prince of Thieves” Achievement. You need the Essences rewarded from finding the lost armor of the heroes of Druantia and Typhoon. These are: Burning Swathe’s Essence and The Argonaunt’s Essence

As well as these Essences, you also need to use all of the fish in the game, being:

  • Archerfish
  • Arrowfish
  • Bass
  • Bette
  • Black Jackfish
  • Carp
  • Clownfish
  • Darter
  • Dory
  • Garpike
  • Goldfish
  • Grouper
  • Hatchetfish
  • Icefish
  • Lemonfish
  • Luminette
  • Perch
  • Rainbow Moonfish
  • Rubyscale
  • Ruffy
  • Silverfin
  • Snapper
  • Steelbelly
  • Stingerfish
  • Sturgeon
  • Triggerfish
  • Trout

As far as I’m aware, all fish can be caught in any of the game’s 3 dungeons as well as bought from the roaming Fish merchant found in the dungeon. 
You also do not need to use a Dogfish, they return your pet to it’s original form so it doesn’t count.

The Wrecker

Description: “Destroy every chest, urn, barrel and wooden box on a single level” You don’t destroy the chests, you open them.

Details: Fairly self explanatory, you just melee every Urn, Barrel and Wooden Box on a single dungeon floor as well as open every chest. You can get floors which take around 10 seconds to run from one end to the other, so I recommend waiting until you get one of these small floors to bother with this achievement. Though, if you’re dead set on clearing every floor, you’ll get this achievement rather quickly.

Sky is the limit

Description: “Collect all 6 Fate cards in any one set.”

Details: Fate cards are found from opening chests, drops (from both normal enemies and bosses), breaking barrels, urns and crates. The drop rates may be effected by “Magic Item Find %” items, though, I am unsure. They can be found in all three dungeons at the same rates, seemingly.

The card sets I have found are Skies, Wyld and Chaos. I don’t believe there are any other sets. You need to collect all 6 cards from a singular set, meaning you cant mix and match cards from different sets.

Unfortunately, I can only go off personal experience with Fate cards as there doesn’t seem to be anywhere gather external research from, maybe I should contribute to the wiki.

Prince of Thieves

Description: “Recover and return to the statues all the stolen equipment of the legendary heroes from Druantia and Typhoon”

Details: To complete this achievement, you must collect the lost armor of the heroes of Druantia and Typhoon and return it to the respective statues in the Temple of Fate. 

You find the armor on certain dungeon levels, when you get to a level where there is armor, you will get a message saying: “You sense a Heroic presence on this level”. You will then need to kill a boss on that level and it will drop a piece of Heroic armor. There can be multiple bosses on a singular floor so not all bosses will drop Heroic armor, keep looking if the first doesn’t drop one.

Druantia’s Hero is Swathe, meaning you find Swathe’s gear in the Druantia Dungeon. Typhoon’s Hero is Argonaut, meaning you find Argonaut’s gear in the Typhoon Dungeon.

The items you need to find are:

  • Helm
  • Buckle
  • Sword
  • Shield
  • Ring
  • Chain

Some of these items will already be on the statue, so you only need to find a select few rather than all six.

Good Boy!

Description: “Send your pet to town at least 10 times from the 40th floor.”

Details: You will unlock the achievement upon sending your pet back to town for the 10th time from floor 40+ in any of the three dungeons. To send your pet to town; press the button with an arrow pointing right and an arrow pointing up, I’ll include a screenshot to clarify. 

Druantia and Typhoon’s final boss is on dungeon floors 25-30 usually. The Third Dungeon’s final boss, Kaos, resides on floor 35-40. You can progress to 40 in any of the three dungeons and earn this achievement, however, it really makes more sense to do it in the Third Dungeon.


Description: “Get 50 critical hits!”

Details: I don’t believe that magic can critically strike. Invest a few of your skill points from levelling up into Critical Chance early in the game, by the time you finish the game you’ll have almost certainly got this achievement.

Lance An Awful Lot

Description: “Reach the maximum level of Spear Skill.”

Details: In short, there is no “maximum” in any of the game’s skills. But the achievement is unlocked once you have 75 points put into the Spear skill. If you’re putting the two points you get per level up exclusively into Spear skill then you’ll have this achievement at around Level 38.

Witchcraft Master

Description: Use any spell 100 times.

Details: Most builds should incorporate magic in one way or another, for example, a melee build will want the Dervish spell to increase their attack speed. A Magic build will obviously use magic. Anyway, with an efficient build you’ll likely unlock this anyway, if not, you can learn the Fireball spell with 15 Magic and just spam cast it 100 times.

Light Speed Killer

Description: “Kill 5 enemies in 15 seconds”

Details: Another very self explanatory achievement, you can get this very easily early or late into the game, I don’t really need to explain it. Kill 5 enemies within 15 seconds.

Reckless Fate

Description: “Complete the game in Hardcore Mode.”

Details: To start progress towards this achievement, when starting the game press: New Game > Hardcore > Finish Character Creation.

Basically, you have to complete the game without dying against significantly tougher enemies. If you die you have to restart (though I believe you can ALT+F4 and reload and not lose your character). It’s like playing the game on Legend but not being allowed to die at the same time.

You have to complete the Druantia and Typhoon dungeons, return the Hero armor to their statues in the Temple of Fate and then press the red buttons on the two Statues. This will unlock the Third Dungeon, in which you’ll need to get to floor 35-40 and defeat Kaos. Once he is defeated, return to the Temple of Fate and turn in the quest. The achievement will unlock.

Honestly, with the right build it’s not particularly difficult, but everyone can get caught out by ridiculous things. The amount of times I’ve just been borderline oneshotted in FATE games is silly, so play with caution and care. I’d recommend a Magic build to stay at a safe distance, also, use “Muffle” on casters as it’ll prevent them from draining your mana or dispelling your monsters, this makes Kaos substantially easier as a final boss as he’s basically just a massive caster.

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