Feed and Grow: Fish – How to Get the Gold Stars in the River Map

Hello in this guide I will be showing you how to get the three gold stars in survival mode in the River Map. If there’s a specific fish you want to know how to get the star for look at the index and click its name. I hope this guide helps you unlock the rest of the River Map fish!


First I’ll show you how to get the star for the bleak. You’ll need to hatch when you spawn by spamming space. Okay now you hatched, on the left side of your screen it should tell you what you need to do. You’ll need to eat 20 shrimp and lay 8 eggs. Don’t leave your nest, stay near where you were born and eat the shrimp there. If a predator attacks fish near you go hide in the nearest sea grass. Don’t do this if the predator has targeted you only if it targeted fish near you.

When you hide in the grass they can’t see you unless their right next to you. Wait in till they leave then you can continue eating. Now that your an adult mate with your kind in the nest. If your nest got wiped out by a predator stay on the edges of the river and try to locate another bleak spawning ground. When your hunger gets low stop somewhere and eat, then continue. Look in shallow areas and hidden places, that’s where most bleak spawn. Now that you found a mate hold Q in till you finish mating with them. Now you need to eat more shrimp so your eggs can develop. Do the same thing before when a predator attacks fish near you.

Now you should have eaten 20 shrimp and your eggs are ready to be layed. Find a flat surface with sea grass on it and spam Q. Now you just layed 8 eggs. Good job you got the star for the bleak in the river map.


Once you hatch the objectives you need to complete to get the star for perch are; eat 10 minnows or bleak and defend 4 eggs. You’ll need to leave your nest and swim on the edges of the river, make sure your following the current. Once you get to the waterfall area with the DANGER! sign stop, eat all the shrimp there. There are no predators there and there is a ton of food.

When a school of salmon come by go hide in seaweed and wait in till all the salmon are gone, then go out and continue. Beware of piranhas, if you see one just swim fast. Don’t hold shift just tap it repeatedly. This saves your stamina and also keeps you at a good speed. Okay now you’re a juvenile. You need to stay on the edges and swim the opposite direction of the waterfall, then you should find an edge with piranhas and a passageway in it. You need to enter this area and swim through it in till you find other perch.

Once you find the other perch swim forward into another area through the river, not back the way you came where the piranhas are. Keep going through the tunnel you should find minnows a bleak throughout it. Keep going farther into it in till you’ve eaten 10 bleak or minnow. Now, you must make sure your level 8 for this to work. Swim back the way you came and to the area where the perch were and mate with one. After you mate with them go to the big area with all the piranhas and eat them. At level 8 you can swallow them whole and they won’t attack you back. Make sure you eat all the piranhas. Now that you ate them all eat some shrimp if your egg meter isn’t full yet.

Now you need to find a flat surface covered by sea grass to lay your eggs in. Now spam Q. They will hatch in a minute, in that time stay right next to them and protect them from predators. Now they should hatch and there you have it, you got the golden star for the perch!


The pike is one of the hardest fish to survive as. Once you hatch you’ll need to complete two tasks, eat 5 perch and rise 4 babies. For this to work you’ll need to do the same thing you did as a perch. Swim at edges of the map and swim with the current. If you see any salmon schools approaching hide in one of the sea grasses. Keep swimming in till you get to the waterfall and see the DANGER! sign. If you are lucky you’ll spawn there. If you do spawn there stay there and eat all shrimp.

Once you get to level 3 go to the other side of the river. This can be kinda hard since the current is strong, but I believe in you. Now if you originally swam there you should be on the side near the DANGER! sign, so you don’t need to change sides at level 3. Now continue eating the shrimp there in till your level 4. Then swim on the edges in till you get to the piranha area, make sure to dodge the bass! Now you skip the piranha and perch, just go find the minnows and bleak to eat so you can level up. Keep eating these in till your level 5, then go back to the perch and kill them all.

Don’t worry if there wasn’t 5 perch there. Now you should be level 6, if you aren’t go eat the piranhas. (You can swallow them whole now) Now at level 6 go eat a bass. Now you are level 7 and you need to swim on the edge with the current again to get back to the pike spawning ground. Its on the opposite side of the DANGER! sign. Now that you made it there you’ll most likely see some other pike. Mate with one of those pike by holding Q.

Then go deeper into the tunnel and you’ll find some perch. Eat all the perch. There is also trout that spawns endlessly, go eat all the trout to develop your eggs. Now your eggs are ready, you need to lay them now. Find a flat surface with sea grass covering it and lay your eggs. Protect your eggs from the trout and crayfish. Now they should hatch.

Wander around that area you layed them in and they’ll eat the shrimp. If anything like a trout or perch attacks your babies kill them, bite the meat into small pieces so you babies can eat it. If you didn’t get 4 babies to adult go mate and try again. Good job you raised 4 babies, ate 5 perch and got the star!

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