Field of Glory: Kingdoms – Guide to Editing the Game

Editing the Game

Field of Glory: Kingdoms can be extensively modded as almost every key function can be adjusted. This allows you to create new scenarios, alter the unit tables, adjust the game rules and the user interface to taste.

To access the in-game editor you will need to go to the options screen and select editor:

This will allow you to create a new scenario. This can be completely new or a modification of one of those already in the game.

In addition. Most of the key game concepts and rules can be amended using the .csv files in the game set up. This includes the effect or characteristics of unit types, terrain, and buildings and the methods used to translate unit types from Kingdoms to FOG2.

You will find the majority of the underlying game files in the directory data>Database within your Kingdoms set up. These allow a great deal of customisation of the game, but the main ones are:

  • Units – allows you to amend the statistics of all the units in the game, including their combat values, how they are placed in a Kingdoms battle, if they have particular traits, the cost to raise them and any pre-requisite buildings.
  • Treaties – allows you to amend how long these will apply for and the relative impact on relations if you enact that option.
  • Terrain – allows you to define the movement costs, combat frontage and the relative productiveness of various terrain types.
  • Structures – allows you change all the characteristics of the buildings in the game.
  • Resources – allows you to change the values (including their trade value) and characteristics of all the resources in the game.
  • Modifiers – allows you to amend the various modifiers that define how ethnicity, government age and level, state values and factors such as war weariness operate.
  • Governments – allows you to change the base taxation value for each type of government and how this will rename as it progresses (or regresses).
  • Factions – allows you to modify the attribute of each named faction in the game including its traits and claims.
  • Ethnics – allows you to modify the attributes of the various ethnic groups including the traits they have and how rebellious they are.
  • Decisions – allows you to modify all the decisions that are made available in the game, including their preconditions, costs and effect.

The game can also be modified by amending the various scripts (found in Data>scripts).

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