Fight’N Rage – How to Beat Attary

The wrestle guy? He was too strong and blocked many of my attacks.

How to Defeat Attary


  • Most important one Attary is what we can call an “Armored” boss, mean he take damage from your hit but he is not affected by their “crowd control”.
  • You need to be carefull about his “chop” move (who can be followed by a grab), his grab move, his jump belly flap move and his headbutt move. Atary only have this 4 patern .
  • You need to be either waiting an opportunity to hit him with a full combo (all basic attack + summer sault + ligthing stomp)
  • His chop, headbutt and belly flap move can be parred. His grab can be countered by pressing jump (you need to be fast for countering him)

So don’t rush and learn his patern first, try too land the full combo on him BUT don’t forget Attary is “armored” so you can’t cancel his move until you do the last kick from the basic combo (4 or 5 attack in a row i don’t remember the right amount). The last kick or hitting attary when his not “ready” to be hit will go trought is guard / armored stance and you will be able to do a combo without been scared to get hit by him.

Have fun!

Created by Night63

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