First Person Hooper – Spot Up Mode Tips & Tricks

General information, tips & tricks, and helpful tidbits to improve in Spot Up Mode.

Tips for Faster Times

  1. Know the boundaries of each spot.

You’ll know you’re inside of a spot when a sound is triggered and the spot on the floor glows. A glowing cylinder expands outwards, signifying that you’re on the spot. As long as you begin your shot within these bounds, a made shot will clear the spot. Beware, making a shot outside of a spot will empty a partially filled power-up gauge and waste valuable time.

  1. Learn the layout of each wave.

It’s a good idea to start learning where all the spots are located for each wave. Each wave has its own layout and if you plan on reducing your times, you’ll need to be aware of where all spots are on the court. Start taking mental notes on where spots are for more efficiency.

  1. Think about your next move.

If you know that a shot is going in with a Perfect Release or close to it, you should already be moving to another spot. If you end up ball watching, you can lose valuable time. Cut your times by sprinting to a new spot. Even if your previous shot misses, it’s better to be set and ready to shoot another.

  1. It’s all about your aim.

When playing Normal difficulty, you can cut valuable aiming time by using the Auto Aim feature. Don’t focus on the basket, look towards the next spot and once you make contact, press & hold the Auto Aim button to lock-on to the hoop and fire away. Doing this will allow you to snap onto the hoop quickly and allows you to focus on where spots are located.

For Pure Hooper difficulty you’ll need to have better court awareness. Knowing instinctively where the next spot is, you should focus your aim towards the basket while moving to spots in order to save time.

  1. Accuracy is important.

Hitting shots with a Perfect Release, Swish, or Perfect Bankshot is very valuable in Spot Up mode. Fill the power-up gauge and unleash a juiced ball in order to hit shots from the more difficult spots on the court. However, don’t save your power-up for too long, it’s better to use it in order to clear spots faster. Keep accumulating power-ups for more guaranteed makes.

  1. Get into rhythm.

Although style points are not accumulated in Spot Up mode, you can shoot while moving to get into rhythm. As long as you start your within the bounds of a spot, you can use styles while shooting. This can help certain players who are used to shooting with style in the other game modes.

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