Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour – Best Spot for Bass in Lake Boulder

This is a spot I found for bass near Bob’s Marina.

Experiment with different lures and casting angles. I have caught some big ones going deeper into this little creek and casting by dead logs or lily pads.

Bass in Lake Boulder – Bob’s Marina


  1. anyone know where the location of Mercer in lake Miller is, 70lb muskie and Theodore the great 55lb tiger Muskie I’m using the diving crankbait for fishing, I’ve had alot of success with this lure and I believe I could catch Athos with that lure also, if not I have a 4 inch top water lure

  2. I second this location. I have played that tournament at least 15 times. I could hardly catch a bass it was always everything but. I saw your video and figured to give it a shot I used a pink looking spin bait and nearly every cast had a bass on. It started to get slow and i had about 18lbs in my bag. I moved to the 3 Lilly pads outside of the spot and finished off strong catching 2 more bass making my bag about 32 pounds and finally winning the tournament.

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