Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted – How to Have the Best Experience

A short little guide dedicated to making your experience as terrifying, yet entertaining as possible.


If you want to have the best experience playing this game, don’t, I repeat, don’t spoil yourself. Knowing all the gameplay mechanics, how the jumpscares look, etc. will make it so the game isn’t very fun at all when you play it yourself. Going into it blind is the best way to go…


Since this is a VR game, your surroundings outside of the game aren’t as important for improving the experience. However, there are a couple things you can do to ensure that you’re fully immersed in the game. Make sure that you’re playing in an environment with no other distractions, like a sibling playing on his console 10 feet away raging at his game, for instance, or loud noises coming from other sources, like construction outside of your house. Making sure the IPD on your VR Headset is correct can improve the graphical experience, and closing your curtains and keeping your door closed during gameplay are also recommended. And finally, ensure that you have enough space to play the game. There are parts where you may have to reach pretty far to do certain things, like pressing buttons, acquiring secret items, etc. Be certain that you have enough space and your headset is calibrated so you aren’t constantly bumping into things.

Find a Friend

I know I said you don’t want any distractions during gameplay, but having a friend to share the gameplay experience with can make the game more fun for you as well. You can choose a close friend, sibling, or even a neighbor, and you can take turns with the person you chose and laugh your butts off watching each other get scared to death. You may prefer diving into it alone to increase the fear factor of the game, but finding a friend to share the experience with can greatly improve your time playing this game.

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