FNaF World – How to Get All Achievements / Trophies

All Achievements / Trophies Guide

Note: Credit goes to alfjames08

Security Owl Trophy

This Trophy Is Awarded By Beating The Final Boss In Normal Mode “SECURITY”

If you cannot kill security owl then make sure you have shield from endo or auto shield chip from red chest in lily gear lake

Scott Cawthon / Animidude Trophy

This Trophy Is Awarded By Beating The Final Boss In HARD Mode “ANIMIDUDE”

This Boss Is found after security owl only in hard mode

Chipper’s Revenge Trophy

This Trophy is awarded after beating the secret boss “Chipper’s Revenge”

This boss is hidden in the rock cave the entrance is above lilygear lake and once entered take a left until you get to the off screen part of the mine and look on the map for a little indent in the wall then walk to it and chipper will fight you good luck with chipper if help is needed guides for him are on the community guides

Fredbear Legs / Universal End Trophy

For this trophy equip fredbear into your first team party and first member then have a talk with fredbear anywhere on the map if you have completed the game you can do this trophy in fixed party mode and just pick fredbear for first slot

Crying Child / Clock Ending / Minigame Ending Trophy

For this trophy you will have to play most of the game again and play the game normally but whenever you meet fredbear dont click the “DONE” button and wait every time fredbear will glitch and tell you to find a clock collect these clocks before you speak to fredbear again and continue this until you get to the end and good luck

4th Glitch World / Old Man Consequences / Glitch Ending / Too Far down / 8 Bit Freddy Trophy

To Get this trophy all you need to do is go to pinwheel funhouse make your way out and into the gliched object and keep following it to the end until you get to the 3rd glitch layer then their is a secret path to a 4th glitch layer go through it and speak to the old man fishing for the ending

Pearl Trophy / Fishing Mini Game

For this just win the fishing minigame from dee dee 5 times

Fan Trophy

Collect All Characters

Chica’s Magic Rainbow Trophy / Update 2 End

Do All Of The Update 2 spin off games getting all the characters from each then go to the purple geists lair and fight the purple geist and i will let you experience the rest for yourself…

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