For Mother Matron – 100% Full Achievement Guide

100% achievement guide, straightforward & in chronological order.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Note: Credit goes to Rain


A quick and easy guide on how to get 100% completion.

This guide includes spoilers.

Completing a play-through before viewing this guide is advised.

The Midday Meat Pocket

  • Purchase the strange meat from Meaty Marissa.

First timed-choice. Buy the meat, you will need it later.

Beside you in Time

  • See your first memory item.

Find any of the memory items.


  • Get a behind the scenes look
  • Saving your game before doing this achievement is recommended.
  • When facing the door to the tunnel pick the choice of going to the center.
  • You will now be in a tunnel with a door to the right. Do not go in.
  • Keep following the tunnel or go back the way you came.
  • Keep clicking on these options until you see the text “No… No. Too scary. I don’t want to.”
  • If you are missing the next achievement, save here.
  • Go to the door on the right.

Hate When That Happens

  • Learn to love the tunnel, and a valuable lesson in patience.
  • Load the save data from the previous achievement or repeat the whole process until that point.
  • Keep following the tunnel or go back the way you came until you get the achievement.
  • You may press the ctrl key to fast forward the text.

I’m Looking Forward To Joining You, Finally

  • Find all memory items
  • There are a total of 7 memory items.

The following choices allow you to find them.

  • When facing the door to the tunnel pick the choice of going to the right. 1/7
  • You get back, pick the choice of going to the left. 2/7
  • Go towards the light. 3/7
  • Examine the room with the colorful letters. 4/7
  • Examine the bathroom before meeting Rich. 5/7
  • In the district of Junks, examine the cup. 6/7
  • In the factory with Pux, go to the right. After escaping the flying creatures, you will find a meaty noodle thing. 7/7

Detuned Radiohead

  • Recruit Rich

Story-related. Cannot be missed.

Cog Operated Boy

  • Recruit Pux

Story-related. Cannot be missed.


  • Experience death for the first time

Get defeated by any of Mother Matron’s friends the creatures.

Kiss of Life

  • Ensure that Rich and Pux survive the journey

The strange meat is needed for this achievement.

  • During the first enemy encounter, protect Rich until Pux kills the creature.
  • Save Pux from the creature eating his leg and follow the direct path through the water.
  • In the factory with Pux, go to the right.

Memento Doloris

  • Get the ‘Embraced’ Ending

Be embraced by Mother Matron in the Womb of Paradise.

Paradise is to be Unborn

  • Get the ‘Erased’ Ending

Be erased by Mother Matron in the Womb of Paradise.

Surveyor of Legend

  • Get all achievements

After getting all the achievements, quit the game. Launch the game again and you should get the achievement.

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