For The Warp – How to Edit Your Save Game (Cheats)

Annoyed by bad luck? You just need a little more HP? Give yourself the upper hand with extra money, fuel or equipment – or a better deck. Test out all cards, make yourself a powerful build.

How to Cheat

The Save File

If you just want to give yourself more HP for the Boss, test a card or start with the ultimate Deck – you just need to edit your save file.

If you playing already, just hit escape to open the menu and choose “Quit to Menu” – otherwise start a new game and quit as soon as possible. Now exit the game and open the file explorer.

Copy and paste:

%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\For The Warp\User Data\Default\saves\

Into the navigation bar and it should take you to the right folder.

There you see a:


Which you can open and edit with any plain text editor. Notepad++ or Sublime Text are recommended – but windows notepad will work just fine and I’ll assume you use that.

Hit Format->Word Wrap to make it easier to see the whole file.

It should be pretty self-explanatory what’s what – there are keys like “hp”, “fuel”, “money” etc. followed by values – some are just numeric values, “equipment” and “deck” are lists of numbers inside square brackets. What ID means what card I’ll list below.

If losing or breaking your save would make you sad, make a copy before fiddling with it!

Deck IDs

There are 120 cards in the game, each has a numeric ID. Here is a little overview what’s what:

1Plasma Burst
2Shields Up!
3Panic Crew
4Photon Torpedos
5Lucky Shot
6Shield Ricochet
7Reverse Polarity
8Crippling Ion
9Extreme Prejudice
10Plasma Maelstrom
11Ammunition Spares
12Plasma Wave
13Time to Think
14Evasive Maneuvers
15Repair Drones
17Special Circumstances
18Rocket Salvo
19Ion Pulse
20Overload Prime
21Missile MK11
22Inspiring Shot
23Careless Overload
24Plasma Charge
25Shields Charge
26Thief Drone
27Overheated Shields
28Energy Plating
29Prime Defense
31AM Generator
32Antimatter Blast
33Antimatter Charge
34Orbiting Shield Drones
35Feed The Core
36Syphoning Drone
37Optimae Shielding
38Inspiring Resilience
39Plasma Napalm
40Last Resort
41Core Breach
43Quantity Over Quality
44Quality Over Quantity
45Management Expert
46Weapons Charged!
47Particle Cannon
48Burn Fuel
49Barrel Throw
50Barrel Roll
51Boost Up!
52Photon Beam
55Nova Jet
56Laser Cannon
57Gatling Gun
58Scorching Blast
59Point Defense
60One Time Defense
61Bilateral Shields
62Twisted Firestarter
63Countrt Maneuver
64Singularity Gun
65Shield Scavenger
66Attack Drone
67Power Reroute
68Unlimited Power!
69Powering Down
70Heavy Drone MX-9
71Flak Gun
72Drone Attack Wave
73Kamikaze Drones
74AI Supremacy
75Reckless Attack
76Drone Boost
77Plasma Storm
78Precision Shell
79Stolen Cloak Device
80Crypto Hack
81Mass driver
82Modular Cannon
83Plasma Affinity
85Fight or Flight
86Cauterizing Beam
87Fire Affinity
88Cluster Bomb 9K
89Capacitor Charger
90Capacitor Throughput
91Shield Boost
92Capacitor Cannon
93Don’t tell me the odds
94Aurum Reaper
95Energized Drone
96Burst Shields
97Alpha Heavy Cannon
98Omega Heavy Cannon
100Kinetic Barrier
101Ramming speed
102Recurring Obliterator
103Search the Clutter
104Flux Defluxer
105Beast Mode
106Smart Capacitor
107Warp Missiles
108Void Box
109Restart the Core
110Bot boarding team
111Holo Decoy
112Nanity Canister
113Portable Market Portal
114Missile Fabricator
115Cruise Missile
116Antimatter Cannon
117Rocket Rain
118Devious Escape
119Cascading Resonance
120Replicating Gun

Equipment IDs

And here is the list of possible Equipment. The special value null is used for activated but empty equipment bays.

1Extra Plating
2Type 5 Shields
3Drone Dispenser
4Auxiliary Reactor
5Scrappy Plating
6Matter Converter
7Type 6 Shields
8AI Core: Accuracy
9Xyntho Dradis
10Resource Optimizer
11Superior Plating
12Uncertified Shielding
13Polarity Shielding
14Aylon Armor Grafts
15AI Core: Evasion
16RAM Upgrade
17Emergency Charger
18Aylon Shield Capacitor
19Gladius Core
20Boost Optimizer
21Second Chance
22Slot Upgrade
23Clarke Drive
24Reactive Force Field
25Non-volatile memory
26Scrapper Crew
27Single Thread Chip
28Smart Shields
29Weld Bot
30Autonomous Repair Systems
31Infinite Luck Drive
32Antecedent Core
33Victor Spoils

Fun and Powerful Decks

Now that you have free rein, you can tweak your deck or start with your perfect build.

My personal favourite is this:

deck: 57,57,57,57,89,89,89,92,92,91,91,96
equipment: 16,4,17
  • Start with Gatling Gunning (57) the Enemies (draws another card)
  • Then use Capacitor Charger (89) a few times (boost points based on played cards… and draws another card)
  • Shield Boost (91) fills your shield with boost points in one go
  • Capacitor Cannon (92) deals 10x(!!!) damage of boost points and does not drain them
  • Burst Shields (96) – pretty optional
  • RAM Upgrade (16) let’s you start right away with chaining cards
  • Auxiliary Reactor (4) allows for enough energy to fire the cannons twice
  • Emergency Charger (17) starts you off with some shields – allows for more secure boost point accumulation

Fights last at most 3 rounds, then you should have 25+ boost points.

What you can’t do

  • Fill your Deck with Gatling Gun (57) and never let you opponent go. The hard limit is using 10 cards – then you “core is overheated” or something and the game forces you to end your turn (bummer, I know).

What’s the most OP deck you can come up with? Leave a comment!

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