Force of Nature 2 – How to Activate the Swamp Idols

Activating the swamp idols in Force of Nature 2 takes time and can be frustrating when you are just winging it. This guide will give you some tips to make it less imposing and will help you get through this side quest in a more purposeful manner.

The Process in Four ‘Easy’ Steps

Step 1 – Adjust Settings: I would strongly recommend that before you begin this achievement that you go into settings, select GAMEPLAY, and then uncheck the top option that says to respawn enemies and animals every time you exit the game. This process can take a while and, if you are interrupted or need to exit the game before finishing, you do not want to have to restart and clear out the enemies again. You can change the settings back after you have finished this achievement, if you wish.

Step 2 – Bring Needed Items: Make sure you have plenty of healing and stamina potions/items with you and do what you can to increase your poison resistance as much as you can (using equipment, potions, etc.). Also, bring enough materials (21 ectoplasm, 35 clay, 70 stone) to make seven teleports, once for each idol. This is to make the process of determining the right sequence MUCH, MUCH, MUCH easier.

Step 3 – Locate Idols, Clear Enemies, & Build Teleports: If you have not already done so, explore the swamp and locate all SEVEN idols. Remember that the idols may also appear in the caves. (In my game there were seven idols total and one appeared in a cave. I do not know if that is standard but I assume having seven idols is and just remember if you can’t find all the idols, check the caves!) Clear at least the immediate area around each idol so that there are no enemies as you begin the process of activation. Clearing the immediate area is also needed in order to build your teleports. (Though not absolutely necessary, I found clearing the entire swamp relatively fun and got a ton of resources!) As you clear each idol’s area, build a teleport as close to the idol as possible and change the label to something unique and easy to remember like ‘Idol 1″. When finished you should have a list of seven teleports, such as ‘Idol 1, Idol 2, Idol 3, etc.’.

Important: Teleports must have a certain distance between each one. I was able to build most of my teleports right next to each idol. However, I had to adjust a little for a couple until I found a spot that worked, but even then it was very close. Remember, if you deconstruct a teleport you get ALL the materials back so there is no danger of losing stuff!

Step 4 – Activate the Idols When everything is in place the process of activation is easy but a little time-consuming to get done. (Welcome to Force of Nature 2! LOL!) The idols must be activated in the correct order and, if you make a mistake, all the idols will reset and you must begin the process again.

Remember, if an idol is activated in the correct order, the eye flames will stay lit. If it was not in the correct order, the flames will light and then go out.

  • Teleport to the first idol, activate it. If it stays active, teleport to the second idol and activate it. if the second idol stays active, teleport to the third idol and activate it. Repeat this process until you either activate all the idols or you activate an idol that does not stay active. Trust me, you will almost certainly not activate them all in your first run.
  • When you activate an idol that does not stay active, all the idols will reset. So you will need to go back and try a different order. However, remember to keep track of the order of idols that do stay active and adjust in an orderly fashion.
  • So if the first idol does not stay active on your first run, teleport to the second idol and activate it. If it doesn’t stay active, teleport to the third, so on and so so. Do this until you find the first idol in the order. Once you have the first idol, let’s say it was Idol 3 for example, write it down.
  • Then making sure Idol 3 is active, teleport to Idol 1 and repeat the process. If Idol 1 does not stay active, teleport back to Idol 3 re-activate it and then teleport to Idol 2 and simply repeat this process. It may take a few or even many attempts, but keep track of the order they are staying active and follow this process of elimination until all the idols are activated. This is why you want teleports next to each idol; you will save a LOT of time, and remember, you can deconstruct the teleports later and get your resources back.

Hope that helps!

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