Forspoken – Using the PS5 Controller Right

A guide to quickly show you how to enable haptic feedback and the trigger features for your PS5 controller. They don’t work if you just start up the game (at least for me).

Setting Up the Controller

Trying to use your PS5 controller but it’s not giving you any feedback on the triggers?

First thing: Try using a cable and not bluetooth, that can cause problems.

But now to the real problem. It’s important to disable the steam input so the controller works properly.

To do that, right click on Forspoken in your library. Then you have to select “Properties”. There you can go to the “CONTROLLER” settings. Once you are there, for the “OVERRIDE FOR FORSPOKEN” setting you have to select “Disable Steam Input”. You can do that by clicking the small blue arrow on the right.

Now, if your settings under “Steam” -> “Settings” -> “Controller” -> “General Controller Settings” also have the PS5 Controller-Support enabled (at least that’s the case for me and it works), you should be able to fully enjoy your controller, the haptic feedback and trigger!

Created by Lucratiel

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