Fortnite – Visit Grumpy Greens, Mowdown, and Risky Reels (Week 4)

Weekly Challenges wouldn’t be the same if Epic didn’t task players with visiting three different locations. This time around, the TNTina’s Trials Week 4 challenges will task players with visiting Grumpy Greens, Mowdown, and Risky Reels. Here is a quick breakdown of where you can find all three locations.

If you need help tracking down any of these locations, we’ve included them all in the map below. Further, we’ve also added the coordinates of each location below to help out.

  • Grumpy Greens – E3
  • Mowdown – F2
  • Risky Reels – E4

Where to Find Grumpy Greens

The Grumpy Greens location (purple) can be found east of Pleasant Park, close to the road that crosses over the river.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot of loot here, so you’ll likely have to bail somewhere else as soon as you land. You won’t have a lot of loot, but at least you’ll be one step closer to completing the Week 4 challenges.

Where to Find Mowdown

The Mowdown location (red) can be found north of Frenzy Farm and west of Steamy Stacks.

Similar to the previous location, you won’t find a whole lot of loot here, so you’ll likely want to move to a better spot pretty quickly.

Where to Find Risky Reels

You may already be familiar with the Risky Reels location, as it’s become a standard for the Chapter 2 challenges it seems. If you need a refresher, you’ll find Risky Reels west of Frenzy Farm.

They’ll be a good amount of loot here, so you should be able to find some decent weapons and shields while you’re there.

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