FPS Chess – Beginners Guide

Guide for New Players

Note: Credit goes to milkydud

This guide will talk about:

  1. Introduction
  2. Joining
  3. Hosting
  4. Pieces and What They Do
  5. Piece VS Piece
  6. Conclusion

Technically everything you’ll need for your first experience.


FPS Chess, the first version of chess as a first-person shooter. You come across this on the store or your friends tell you to get it and go against them. Since it’s your first time ever playing FPS Chess, there will be a lower chance for you to win against your expert friend at this game. So for that problem, here’s a guide to what to do in FPS Chess and play FPS Chess to become an expert like your friend.


First thing we will go to, is how to join a online chess game. To do so, you’ll have to click the big “Join” button next to the seat onto the left. After you have clicked it, the game will show a list of unlocked or locked games (if you want to play against random players). Another way is you or your friend creating a game and inviting you via steam.


Learning to host is the same difficulty as trying to join a game. All you have to do is click the big “Host” button on the right chair. After you did this, the game will show a list of what you want to change for your server. For example, you can change the server name, make it private or public, and use shiny pieces.

Pieces and What They Do

This part of the guide will talk about the pieces and their weapons and abilities.

The first one is the pawn, their weapon is the classic 1700 style musket. Their abilities are that they can summon other pawns, like they clone themselves. But the con of that is they don’t do the exact moves as you, they only push forward and shoot at the main player, not other summoned pawns. Pawns can also sprint. They are the only piece that can run like an athlete.

The second one is the knight, their weapon is armed with a bow and arrow. The best part of the arrow is that one of the abilities is a tracking arrow, where you can navigate the activated arrow with your cursor. The next ability is that they can trample their opponent, like a horse would.

The third one is the bishop, the bishop has a pirate styled blunderbuss (“the early shotgun”). They are able to fly around with wings, but you have to pivot down and go up to gain speed mid-air. The second ability is that they are armed with grenades, so be more self-aware if your enemy uses bishop.

The fourth one is the rook, their weapon is a sniper. Their abilities are creating a wall in front, on the side, or behind them (depends where you’re facing). They can also grapple out of any situation, they can change the game from a close up battle to a room from room battle.

The fifth one is the queen, their weapon is a mini gun. They can carry a non-activated piece on the board to defend themselves or throw at their enemy. They can also fly, like the bishop. But, they can fly anywhere they want. This piece is one of the most dangerous, same as the king.

The last piece is the king, their weapon is a huge sword. They can shine light directed to the enemy, sucking the enemy in so the king can easily kill them. The next ability is that they can ground pound with their sword wherever their enemy is. This piece is one of the most dangerous, same as the queen.


As a player that has been playing for 2 hours, it is very easy to understand how to play the game. To whoever read this entire beginners guide to FPS Chess, you technically wasted your time. Could’ve done the tutorial on the game, but the tutorial on the game is less detailed as this guide. Have fun playing and beating your friends in FPS Chess!

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