Friday the 13th: The Game – Fix Minor Jason Morph Glitch

This guide is to help with people who have a problem with Jason’ morph ability where the select icon appears but everytime you accept the location you either morph to the same spot or hear a static noise as if it’s an off limits area.

The Fix

Surprisingly there isn’t any easy to access ways to fix this on your own as most of the searches you will find are for the old bug that Illfonic already fixed. This bug is rather simple to fix on the users side but shouldn’t be a problem. 

The way this worked for me and for some friends was you had to turn off in big picture mode of steam, the support for xbox and playstation controllers. This was found by IronCatFish ont eh f13 forums on how to fix it. Some friends said you only had to deselect one while me and other had to remove both support. Just a quick guide to help anyone wondering how to fix it.

Created by RE

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