Friday the 13th: The Game – How to Play as Shelly

This guide is to properly teach you how to play the self conscious prankster Shelly!

Guide to Play as Shelly


  • Composer: 6/10.
  • Luck: 1/10.
  • Repair: 5/10.
  • Speed: 4/10.
  • Stamina: 4/10.
  • Stealth: 8/10.
  • Strength: 7/10.

How Do We Use His Stats?

Shelly has good stealth, strength. repair and a decent composure. His speed and stamina aren’t that bad either but you don’t want to run Jason. Because of his repair ability he is good for playing solo and with a team but well talk about how to play him solo first.

When playing solo you want to be by yourself to stay below the radar. And because you have a good repair ability you want to repair when you can. But if someone is better at repairing (Mitch ,Deborah etc) let them repair. And his decent composure will help keep hidden most of the time and wont make you stumble around as much. His strength can also be useful too if your trying to help your team take off the mask my suggestion is to use a axe because you will have a better chance of stunning Jason with it then the machete.

When playing with a group Shelly can be solid pick. Because of strength like i said before can be good for taking his mask off. But if you are trying to take Jason’s mask off fight in groups to take his mask off faster. He can also be good if you are teaming up with a stealthy character because he wont give away their positions.

Shellys Luck

The biggest downside to our unlucky prankster is his 1/10 luck. His weapons break in 2 hits and starts the car painfully slow. While Man At Arms is an option it only SOMETIMES let you have one or two more hits with your weapon. Nut i have figured out some ways to sorta come around it. One way is firecrackers what i mean by that is because Shelly’s weapons wont be as reliable you can stun him in other ways ergo firecrackers. But its not just fire crackers you can use flare guns, guns and bear traps all of witch are all good ways to stun Jason to buy you some time without using your weapon. Another option is being near cabins so if your weapon does break you can go into a nearby cabin and grab another one.


Shelly is kinda open ended to perks so i will just list some that i think work best for him.

  • Marathon: Its a really good perk for Shelly buffing his stamina from 4/10 to a 5/10 making his stamina average.
  • Medic: Its one of the best perks in the game and can help yourself and your team.
  • Sucker Punch: with Shelly’s low luck you want to make every hit count making majority of weapons stun.
  • Swift Attacker: Its just to get a quick swing before Jason can react i suggest using it with sucker punch.
  • Sense avoidance perks: I found that low profile and other sense perks are pretty decent with Shelly depending on your play style but i don’t really use them often.


Shelly is a decent character dispite the reputation he gets on the game. Wheather you play him for his legacy or for his interesting stats I hope this guide served you well and have fun playing the iconic hockey mask wearing prankster of camp crystal lake.

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