Frozen Flame – Weapons Guide

There’s a number of different weapons in Frozen Flame devided by their Type and their Tiers (Stone, Bone and Metal).

Most weapons scale their damage with Player’s Strength, with only Bows scaling with Dexterity. They also gain increased Critical Chance with Perception. All weapons can be crafted, and some low-tier can be found in chests.

Weapon Types


First type of weapon available for crafting. Swords are jack-of-all-trades weapons, with decent damage, speed, critical chance and range. Their moveset features 6 attacks:

  • 1) M1 – Diagonal slash, Two-strike combo. There’s no delay between the combos.
  • 2) Hold M1 – Wide horrizontal slash. Character spins, slashing in his frontal arc. This attack has a little delay and can’t be comboed with other attacks.
  • 3) M2 – Uppercut slash. Character makes a couple of quick steps and slashes their sword upwards. Can be used after any M1 attack as a quick combo finisher.
  • 4) Shield Hold M1 – Two horizontal slashes. Can be freely comboed with M1 attacks with no delay.
  • 5) Shield M2 – Shield bash. Character rushes forward with their shield. Can’t be comboed.
  • 6) Shield Hold M2 – Block. Negates any frontal damage, but doesn’t block status effects (Burn, Poison, Bleed)


Clubs have a higher minimal damage than swords and better critical damage multiplier, but are a bit slower, shorter-ranged and have a much lower critical chance. It’s attacks can’t combo into each other, but the delay between them is relatively short. Their moveset features 3 attacks:

  • 1) M1 – Three-hit combo. Starts with two diagonal strikes, finishing with a spinning attack.
  • 2) M2 – Horrizontal strike. Character steps forward and swing the club.
  • 3) Shield M2 – Wide horrizontal strike. Same as the regular M2, but character rushes further and makes a wider strike.


Spears sacrifice combo potential and wide attacks in favour of much higher range, attack speed and critical chance. While, like all other melee weapons, spears’ damage scales with Strength, their higher Tiers require Dexterity. They are the go-to weapon for non-Strength builds. Their moveset features 3 attacks:

  • 1) M1 – Three successive stabs. Two quick ones, with the last one having higher range and damage.
  • 2) Hold M1 – Strong stab. This attack deals more damage and has higher range than regular M1 attacks.
  • 3) Hold M2 – Spear throw. Hold to aim, press M1 to throw. Spear passes through enemies, sticks to surfaces and can be picked up afterwards.
  • 4) Shield Hold M2 – Block. Negates any frontal damage, but doesn’t block status effects (Burn, Poison, Bleed)


Greataxes are one of the slowest and stamina-consuming weapon types in the game, but they have high Strength scaling and damage, even if the damage is a little inconsistent due to its spread. Their moveset features 2 attacks:

  • 1) M1 – Overhead swing. Character steps forward, delivering an overhead swing. This attack can be comboed until the stamina is depleted, usually 2-3 times.
  • 2) M2 – Double swing. Character rushes forward, delivering an uppercut swing followed by an overhead smash. Both attacks happen at once, but character can turn during the rush and between the attacks.


Greatswords are the second most damaging weapon type in the game. Compared to greataxes they have more consistent but overall weaker damage, while their attacks have wider swings. Their moveset features 2 attacks:

  • 1) M1 – Horizontal swings. Character steps forward swinging their sword to the left, then to the right. Can be comboed indefinitely.
  • 2) M2 – Overhead swing. Character swing their sword downwards. Can be used as M1 combo finisher.


Bows are the main source of ranged weapons in the game. They scale their damage with Dexterity, so currently are the best choice for non-strength builds. To use a bow, you must first craft and equip arrows. You can hold M1 to charge the attack to deal more damage, but after some time your aim will become unstable and you will stop charging the attack altogether. You can also hold M2 to zoom in to aid your aim.


Staffs are Inteligence-based weapons. As of now they are very fragile, but offer a combination of ranged and melee attack. They feature only one M1 combo: first, character swings their staff two times, hurling long-ranged fireballs, with the third attack causing them to step backwards and hurl a bigger more damaging fireball.

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