Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova – How to Defeat Mimot

Tips for Defeating Mimot

Mimoth are known to be THE strongest race, especially when AI plays them. Usually people either disable them, or treat them like an endgame crisis, because of how powerful they are.

Their ships are pretty weak. So cannot keep up in equal fleet size engagements. You can generally wipe out their fleets with minimal losses.

That being said, the OP mentioned building ships to counter beams and kinetics. The new combat system is very different than previous GalCiv entries. There are no hard counters and it is even in the process being further overhauled.

Since your up against swarms of fighters, if they are putting 43 ships in a fleet, you just need Antimatter Bombs located in the Missile tree. It will hit all fighters an aoe radius for about 12 damage which will probably 1 shot anything smaller than a cruiser.

If it’s larger than a cruiser missile and beam volley in signficant numbers them out. Otherwise they will be no match for your fleet.

War isnt just about ship to ship combat, you also need to go after their means to make war. Destroy their resource mining star bases, asteroid mining and trade ships. Destroy their shipyards and set up blockades to lay siege to their colonies to capture or culture flip them. Create bottlenecks with your fighter fleets and use them as kill zones. Lots of potentially good strategies here if your willing to explore them.

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