GameMaker – Starters Guide

Dont expect much from this, this is a short how to guide on how to place a few objects.

How to Start


This contains where you put sprites, objects, etc. You can delete the folders as you can just make more later.

You can right click to make sprites, scripts, Objects, etc.

It also contains rooms where you can put objects, btw make one now.


If you made one, you can make a sprite too (or import one), which i wont go into detail about because screw sprites.

You’ll see a namebar, a sprite selecter, and a code adder, you can add code, then chose gml or gmv (gamemaker visual). Names and sprites are… names and sprites.


If you made a few objects with sprites, then click the room and edit the properties (steal code from the official tutorials), then drag and drop the object into the room.

This is where the player sees the game. Also you can now test the game with f5 or just clicking play

A Few Tips

You can change the game browsing window thing to a official app by clicking the corner target button in the top right corner so you can develop offline.

Read the tutorials and stuff, especially the space rocks game because it gives a few hours of fun in school (its called homebrew ♥♥♥).

Get it on steam so you dont need to connect your card info when getting a basic license for publishing.

Do not immediately get Gamemaker 2, Gamemaker 1 is fine get it once you get better.

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