Gang Beasts – Beginner’s Guide + Moveset

Controls and Moveset

Use LMB or RMB to punch, hold the button to grab or hold on to something. [SHIFT] to lift up the object you are currently holding. Hold [SPACEBAR] to sit down. Hold CTRL (left) to crawl. you mostly use RMB or LMB in Waves or Melee modes. [M] To kick. Just tap Left [CTRL] To do the headbang attack. to climb hold [SPACEBAR] while punching a wall you are trying to climb and to actually climb just keep holding [SPACEBAR] and hold LMB and then RMB and let go of LMB and then hold RMB and then LMB and let go of RMB and repeat the process over and over again until you made it up there.

In the elevators map, break the glass and jump in there to switch between the two, you need to swing to break the other glass…

How to swing? well just hold both the LMB and RMB buttons and keep pressing [A] and then [D] on your keyboard and then the other glass will break so that you can swing in there… but when both glasses are broken on elevator map, you can just run and then jump (as long as the other elevator is not above you)

On Waves/Melee mode (on the burning map idk what its called) you just gotta carry the enemies and drop them into the fire to win. (well basically thats what you do in that map)

In the Trucks map, knock your foes off the truck! when sign tries to hit you just hold Left [CTRL] to dodge it. if theres no green thing there are two ways to dodge it the other way is to jump but if theres a green thing just hold Left [CTRL].

FAQ about Gang Beasts

Q) How do I attack

  • A) Just use either the LMB or RMB buttons!

Q) How do I grab

  • A) Hold any attack button!

Q) Is the waves mode impossible

  • A) No. Just because you think its impossible dosent mean it is… (unless people tried to beat it but nobody can at all) you just have to kill the enemies!

Q) I cant play on the trucks map

  • A) Well, Jump to dodge if your side dosent have a green thing. If it does have green thing, hold Left [CTRL]!

Q) I dont know this game

  • A) Just read this guide and explore all maps!
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