Garbage – Useful Tips

Gameplay Tips

  • If you’re running out of resources, check the map, there are other areas you can visit, yes even right away, that helps out a ton. New areas are unlocked by fighting main enemies of existing areas, and you can generally go inside the new areas, pick up all resources that are yellow in color, and go back home without any fights. Red colored resources will start a fight. Day/night changes the drops in the area as well as NPCs/quests, be sure to check both.
  • Agility is the best stat, followed by Strength. Stamina can be largely ignored, unless you’re going for the trainer that unlocks hidden stamina skills. There is also a trainer that unlocks hidden Agility skills. Nothing for Strength (that I’ve seen)
  • When you start the game, check what your initial skill point is in. If its stamina, reset the game. If its power or agility, level it to 4, then move on to the other.
  • Check what gear you received when starting the game (its always random) The better ones are shoes or gloves (upgrade your character initially to match this item, like if you got gloves that give a bonus to punches, put skill points into punch attack skills.) The hat is OK, you get a training bonus, but nothing special. If you get the shirt, I would restart.
  • Rush to get the second character as soon as possible. I’ve gotten them as low as level 2, but usually 3-4. The faster you get them the more you can have them begging/working out when your main char is sleeping.
  • Depending on who you decide to help, like the kids VS the addict, or mechanics VS party goers, diff trainers/ quests will be available. Yes, you can miss things, which is nice for further playthroughs.
  • You can really upgrade your base when you get to the sewers at night time, an architect shows up, for $5 and an empty shack, he will upgrade your home base nicely. The game really opens up here.

Extra Tips

Agility is the best stat but somehow i can’t find the Agility Trainer so Strength is the only viable choice for me, you might want to start your run with Strength is your main attribute so all the EXP from the fight will go into your main attribute, without the Trainer your attribute will max at level 6 (you can still level those attribute for more Health & energy but no skill to spend point on)

Options to take:

  • Avenue map: Help the Food store beat those Thugs (so you can buy food later). If you chose to help those Thugs, you will get some stuff and nothing more. After this you will unlock Playground map
  • Playground map: Help the addict beat those kids so you can unlock the Strength Trainer, also you get more ingredient for food. If you chose to help those kids you can unlock Stamina trainer (Which is kinda meh). After this you will unlock Mechanics map
  • Mechanics map: Help the Dancers beat those two Mechanics (which kinda hard because you have to fight them both at one, this is when you hire the Beggar from the Avenue map to assist you in combat), chose this you can Recruit Dancers for some fancy Temporary buff and plastic as a reward in Grand Thief Trash event, and unlock Market map. If you chose to help the Mechanics, you will get some reward, and the fight is easy (1v1 fight), you can unlock the last map Slum Bridge but the Market map is lock for good. After the fight you will unlock the Arena event.
  • Market map: only 1 quest in this map, to beat up the three thugs, the demo will END if you choose to fight the third guy so DON’T if you want to play more. Beat the first guy will unlock Slum Bridge map for you (That’s why you should help the Dancers in the Mechanics map so you can unlock all map). Beat the second guy for 1 food & stuff.
  • Slum Bridge map: in this map when you choose to beat either the wheelchair guy or those three guy gang the demo will end so DON’T if you want to play more. Visit the map at night, you can recruit the Architect which is the key to your survival.

Do the Arena loop (From pup123’s guide) to save up money and recruit the Architect asap. There are only 2 recipes worth buying (in this demo version): the rain-collector blueprint and The level 2 bathroom. Build these two and you will never run out of water. Done this you can dump the Architect and hire the Trainer you unlock.

Your resources is so limit you can only build 1 of these stuff: 1 bed, 1 bathroom, 1 rain-collector, 1 torch NEXT to the shower (light this up and you can shower in winter), 1 shelter (For your Recruit), 1 fire pit, 1 begging spot, 1 cooking station, and the 3 gym equipments. You should build the the bathroom > Torch next to the bathroom > rain collector > upgrade bathroom to lv 2 asap.

Update: The lv 2 bathroom is kinda too much, just built the rain collector (no longer run out of water), save resources for the Lv3 Begging spot (no longer run out of food)

When you hire the second beggar, don’t level him up or you will have trouble with the arena loop (There is a point where the arena boss can’t kill your main, this is where the Lv1 Beggar shine, to lose to the boss). Keep him alive and at lv1, send him to the begging spot and he can pretty much take care of himself. For your main, the arena loop will net you infinite money and food (The Red tube you get from winning the second fight will bring you from 0 hunger to 50% when you get malnutrition status from starving awhile, the tube can’t use before you get that status so no worry).

From here on (When arena loop is available) your game become self-sustain, in other way you can live FOREVER.

Extra tip about bone-break injury after big fight (Arena fight & Garbage Invasion) watch the time and save at 23:00 the day before the fight, like the fight happen at whatever time at day 69, you better save the game manually (By Esc to the menu) at 23:00 of day 68. By doing this, you can load back to day 68 if you get the bone-break injury on day 69.

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