Garry’s Mod – SCars and DarkRP / The Perfect Way to Earn Cash as a Cop!

We all know Scars – I’m plenty sure almost every GMod player has downloaded the addons at one point and tried them – and many servers to this day use them! It is a quality addon indeed, however, there’s one big concern with most of the vehicles that are added – at high speeds, they can be a gigantic pain in the rear to drive!

And using dastardly means and our status as a honorable officer in law, we can capitalize on this!

While this is theoretical and untested, I’m fairly certain that this holds merit and could possibly be a good way to rake in some cash – whiel also being completely In Character!

The Soup of The Guide – dipping into facts and understanding the gist of the trick

Note: Credit goes to big titty minecraft ender dragon

So, as I’ve mentioned in the overview… SCars, while they’re one of the best car addons out there, it’s also the most exploitable, due to most of the Non-Base content SCars being poorly tuned and veeeeeeery slippery. Seriously, your tires are made out of butter and you’re using your foot as a hand break!

But how does this help us? How does this gives us an opportunity to rake in cash(at least until everyone gets sick of you)?


DarkRP, as implied by the last two letters in it’s name, is a roleplaying gamemode(as unbelievable as it may sound!) And as such, you’re meant to immerse yourself in the job/role of your choosing… And let’s say, we’re going to be what every child wanted to be at least once in their life; A police officer!

You see, while DarkRP contains many fictional and unrealistic elements, it still tries to somewhat base itself on reality – it tries to give you the atmosphere of a chaotic, crime-ridden street full of loud morons, power-hungry admins and people who think they’re cool because they have 10+ zeroes in their balance – and spend it on hookers, guns or probably printers.

Well, one thing Police Officers are famous for is stopping people from driving recklessly!

And with SCars being around, chances are likely that there are going to be a lot of monkeys behind the wheels – flailing the wheel around, trying to impress people by bumping into every single prop they could lay their eyes on.

It’s a wonderful sight to behold – and a splendid opportunity to do some profitful roleplay!

How? I think you figured it out by now. But allow me to elaborate in The Meat of the guide.

The Meat of The Guide – the core of it all and how to capitalize on human mistakes and children with parkinson’s

So, you’re in the server, you got your job as a simple Police Officer, and this mean, disgrace of a nasty weasel is driving around in his fancy Lamborghini, holding down that W like their life depends on it, their car shaking and moving around wilder than your mother’s vibrator on a lonely night.

THIS is your opportunity!

Here’s a very simple step by step guide on what you should do.

  • 1 – Stop the Suspect – If you have a police car (and you hopefully can drive plenty good) that has a siren, this is a good time to turn that beauty on and ask the suspect to pullover. If you do not possess a car, simply enough just try and approach the vehicle (preferably not when it’s roleplaying Sonic The Hedgehog having a stroke) and use your microphone to ask the suspect to pull over and get out of the vehicle. If they do, move onto Step 2. If they don’t, try setting up a road block in their path (this only works if the server allows cars to interact with props – otherwise you’re plenty screwed. OOOOOoor if the server has rules against Prop Blocking – even if it has an IC reason for said roadblock. It’s pretty tardy if they force you to put it down, if you ask me, but sure, just obey.
  • 2 – Introduce Yourself – Go Through The General Drill – A simple “Greetings sir, I’m Officer (your name), do you have any idea why I stopped you?” will do. Ask for registration, driver’s license, the general shtick and explain it to that goon that you stopped them because they were shaking around like they were in the middle of a Magnitude 8 Earthquake. After some idle chatter, you should be able to get to step 3.
  • 3 – I’m Going To Have To Fine You – The most crucial step in our plan – fining these people! After all, they were being a menace to society and disturbing the peace by trying to do a 720° flip in every possible direction at once. Let’s see… After bumping to around 1823 different props, how about a simple fine of $3000? Maybe $6000? The amount fully varies on the economy of the server. You should aim for lower or higher depending on how easy it is to get money in your current server. People are more willing to pay lower fines, obviously, but they’re a bit less profitable.
  • 3-A – I’m Going To Have To Take You In – Maybe you’d like to ask for a higher sum, but you’re too afraid of them running off like a rabbit? Well, it’s time for you to play the role of the bad cop.Driving around so recklessly… being so rash and careless is inexcusable! They deserve to rot in jail!… Unless, they pay a nasty big fine for you to look the other way and pretend nothing happened. People should be more willing to cough up bigger sums if it means they don’t get arrested – but it also makes people more eager to pull out a gun and pop a few caps into you! It’s high risk and high reward – you can stick to the moderate fines or you can go in with the big guns – it’s up to you.

However, you must note that this is idea is purely theorative and the chances of it succeeding vary server by server, player by player. Some players might be more willing and lenient to follow the RP and the law, others might just be trigger happy morons who shoot first ask questions later. 

Not only that, but this isn’t a trick you could pull off over and over and over.

After a while, people start to catch on and choose to walk instead of getting fined, arrested or killed just because for the life of them they can’t use the Spacebar to handbrake.

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