Gears 5 – Act II / Chapter 1 Walkthrough (Recruitment Drive)

Chapter 1 – Recruitment Drive

Note: There are 10 Collectibles in Act 2: Chapter 1

Once the Act II opening cutscene concludes, head down the stairs on the right side, then walk down the main street. Continue through the fish market, past the large monument, and continue until you are waved up to a large gate.

Someone will direct you through to the other side, so continue down the stairs and you’ll see a local sustain an injury from a steam vent. Send Jack to shut the vent down, then continue down the street.

A young boy will mock you, then flee around the corner, so follow him around the bend, then continue walking towards the edge of town and Kait will experience a strange vision. Shake it off and keep going until you reach the Steam Farm.

After the cutscene, you’ll be forced into combat with nothing but a Boltok pistol, so take out some of the nearby Drones or Hunters and take their weapons to begin the fight in earnest.

Note: Remember you can have Jack retrieve weapons for you, even if you are stuck behind cover, and there is a Jack upgrade allowing him to retrieve Heavy Weapons.

Shifting over to the left side of the fighting arena will give you more cover as you clear out the remaining enemies, so continue taking out the Swarm until the entrance gate opens to reveal a Psion.

Take it out, along with the accompanying Juvies, to bring an end to this branch of the encounter, then pick up the Scion’s Boomshot and continue through the gate.

After ascending the staircase, pick up the Jack module to obtain the Shock Trap ability, then equip it and use it to place a trap next to the gate, which will shred the Juvies about to come through. Gather up any weapons or ammo you need from the lockers on the right, then proceed through the gate to enter the next phase of the encounter.

Note: The Salvage N’ Trade has a backroom, so enter and kick down the door if you want a Retro Lancer, a Markza MK1, and some Frag Grenades.

Continue clearing your way through the street and you’ll run into a Stump, hanging from one of the buildings near the end of the street, so use your new Shock Trap ability and heavy weapons to take it out.

Use Jack to activate the steam pumps to take out any lingering enemies and make sure to use your Shock Traps to make progression easier. After you’ve finished clearing the lower section of the town, move up the stairs at the end of the road to enter the upper village.

Continue along the path to meet back up with Oscar and find an armory with Embars, Lancer GLs, Dropshots, Longshots, and more, then return to the main room and lay a Shock Trap down next to the generator to reactivate it.

Head through the gate and take out the Stump, then use the Tri-Shot it drops to clear out any Hunters or Drones, then head to the Infirmary and the Workshop and do the same, then head towards the village gates and clear out the remaining Hunters, Juvies, and Drones.

Once they have all been dispatched, climb the stairs to the village gate, then help Del move the wreckage and a cutscene will begin.

After the cutscene concludes, you’ll assume control of various Swarm troops, so move around and use your attacks at your discretion until the next cutscene begins.

Once the sequence ends, you’ll find yourself in a darkened building. Head forward, then flip the lever at the station on your left to activate the lights and lower the Skiff, then approach the back of the Skiff and activate it to complete the Chapter.

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