Gears 5 – Act II / Chapter 2 Walkthrough (Into The Wild)

Chapter 2 – Into The Wild

Note: There are 4 Collectibles in Act 2: Chapter 2

Once you have control of the Skiff, continue following the path and, after a while, you’ll reach a gate. Stop and exit the Skiff, then veer off to the left to find a path circumventing the gate.

Once you make it through the clearing, head left to find the Enforcer Relic (a unique, more powerful version of the Enforcer), then circle back to the right and head through the shattered wall to discover a small armory.

Have Jack open the door and you’ll also obtain an area map. Head through the open door and have Jack open the gate to clear the way for the Skiff.

Proceed until you drop into the frozen canyon, then make your way to the left. Use LB to track your destination if you get lost.

Circle around the bend to the right to find the entrance to New Hope, then exit the Skiff and continue on foot.

Pass the abandoned camp and head into the woods on the right, then drop down at the end to complete the Chapter.

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