Gears 5 – Act II / Chapter 4 Walkthrough (The Source Of It All)

Chapter 4 – The Source Of It All

Note: There are 10 Collectibles in Act 2: Chapter 4

After escaping from the lab, follow the path back out to the snowy field and board the Skiff. Trace a path to the left and you’ll soon arrive at an old COG gate, so ask Jack to open it, then head inside.

Grab the Longshot on the left side, then take the ladder next to it and ascend to the next level. Snipers will appear above you and on the other side of the room, and one of the Drones has a Dropshot, so watch out for the beams and move left or right as soon as you see the Dropshot coming to avoid taking heavy damage.

You can dislodge parts of the roof above the Drones to help take them out more quickly, so dispatch them all, then head to the top of the stairs on the left side and have Jack unlock the next gate.

Head back to the Skiff, then ride through the Old COG Wall and into the larger field to the east. Ride to the northern section of the newly-unlocked area to reach the Northern Com Tower.

Head through the gate on the left, then continue on until you reach a massive fallen tree, then duck through and continue on through the woods. Cross the frozen stream and walk up the hill to find a small pack of Swarm.

Use explosives (or just shoot the ice) to temporarily destroy it and cause the Swarm to fall into the freezing water to their death, then proceed to the next section and do the same.

The second group of Swarm has a sniper on the far side, so stay in cover until they’ve been dealt with. Alternatively, you can take a few out then rush the sniper.

Once the Swarm is dead, head to the end of the area and have Del give you a boost, then Kait will have another vision.

Once the vision is over, weave through the Condor crash and you’ll find another frozen lake, this one populated by DeeBees and a Bastion.

DeeBees and Leeches will approach you across the ice, so use the same strategy as before to cause them to fall into the frigid water. Next, destroy the shield-generating Bastion. Finally, take out the Stump, then climb the ramp on the right side and cross the fallen log.

Circle the bend and drop down to discover another Warden and some Juvies. Take it out and continue down the path to find the tower.

Note: Use the Warden’s Breaker Mace to take out the Rejects outside the tower quickly and obtain some Jack Components.

Once you are inside the tower, have Jack access the computer, then move the cursor to the southeast to trace, then decrypt, the signal.

Since the doorway leading out is locked, have Jack unlock the hatch leading further in, then pick up the object on the table to upgrade Jack with a Cloak ability. Equip the Cloak, then circle the corner and use it to pass the turrets without being detected.

Slide down the ridge, then use Cloak to rush the snipers waiting for you. Dispatch them, then slide down the next slope. Circle left to head back to the Skiff and make your way southeast, to the next tower.

Exit the skiff and trudge through the snow until you encounter the windflare. Ice will pepper the ground, so roadie run up to a boulder to take cover and ensure you aren’t hit by rolling ice.

Once you reach the second section, you’ll spot Swarm emerging from a cave, so move from cover to cover (using Stim or Cloak to protect you as you move) and take them out.

Most of the cover in this area is made of ice, so take out enemies with explosives (like the Torque Bow) first to give yourself more time in cover.

After the Swarm are dealt with, head into the cave, hop up the ledge on the left, then give Del a boost underneath the broken rope ladder on the right. Keep following the cavern around to the right, then slide down the ice.

Head over the ridge to find another batch of Swarm and a Carrier. Stay behind cover and part of the ice shelf will collapse, taking the Carrier and a Drone with it. Move around the left side while staying in cover, then take out the Scion, Hunters, and Drones.

Note: With the wind blowing so strongly in this area, it can be difficult or impossible to effectively use Frag Grenades. Compensate with Flash, or other abilities, or use heavy gunfire to deal with enemies behind cover.

Take them all out, grab the Scion’s Mulcher, then head through the gap on the far side to reach the next area. Rush up the left side, then take cover to allow the ice boulder to pass.

There is enough time for you to roadie run through each section and take cover behind the rock wall on the left side before the boulder arrives, so repeat the process until you reach the tower door at the end.

Open the door with Del’s help, and Kait will experience another vision. Head down the ramp to discover the console isn’t currently being powered.

Look up to the wall on the left and you’ll see a maintenance chute Jack can access, so send him through to fix the issue.

Once power is restored, have Jack access the console, then use the frequency detector to locate the lab towards the upper right section of the map. Once it’s been located, head through the door on the right side to begin working your way towards the exit.

Head out into the snow, then roadie run down the side of the mountain, then slide down the last leg. There are no enemies in this section, so continue, then take the path left to return to the Skiff.

Ride up to the northeastern region and get off the Skiff at the point the tower indicated, then use Jack’s Pulse ability to track the signal. Marcus will send Jack the location of a mine which might lead down to the lab, so hop back on the Skiff, then ride down to the area near the southeastern Comm Tower.

From the second Comm Tower, ride up snowy bank to the west, then circle left and ride across the ice bridge. Turn right and continue to the fence with the wooded area beyond, then continue on foot.

Hug the left wall and you’ll soon find the entrance to a cave. Head in a drop down to reach the entrance to the mine.

Take the path left to find a Buzzkill, then loop around and follow the path on the right to reach the train tracks. Drop down (grab a Component in the train car to the right), then head left and drop down another level.

Circle around to the right, then slide down and you’ll be forced into an encounter against Swarm on a frozen lake.

Note: One of the Drones has a Dropshot, which will instantly kill you if it detonates near your location. Even if it doesn’t hit you directly, it will break the ice instantly, preventing you from being revived.

There is a small patch of solid ground on the left side, but the only cover is a block of ice. Rush there (or rush the platform across the ice on the left side), then take out the Drone on the left side.

Dodge the Scion with the Dropshot while you take out the Hunters and Drones approaching from the right (the fastest way to take them out is to use Frag Grenades or bullets on the ice as they approach), then take out the Dropshot Scion.

Once those threats are dealt with, climb onto the structure across the ice, then head to the right and have Jack cut through the gate. Once he begins, you’ll be swarmed with Juvies, Drones, and Hunters.

Take out the first wave (the Dropshots left around the area can help immensely) and a Bastion/Psion combo will show up. Break the ice beneath the Scion and the Bastion will shield weaker units, but the combinations will be easier to deal with.

More Swarm will come, so pay close attention to which types of enemies are coming from where. Take out Poppers while they are on the ice and you can take a number of their friends with them.

Several other Scions and Bastions will show up, so use the Dropshots and Buzzkills around the area to take out as many as possible, while using Stim to stay alive.

After the Swarm has been dealt with, Jack can finish ripping the door to the mine, so take the lift up a level, then head through the door to the left. Once you get back out to the train tracks, turn right and head inside the mine. Kait will experience another vision, so continue to walk forward and it will soon end. Head right and climb the ramp, then help Del lift the gate to continue. Head left, down the stairs, then go left at the giant drill and open the gate into the next area.

Take the path to the left, around the central shaft, then down the stairs on the right side and you’ll reach a door. Open it to continue into the next area, where you’ll find a Snatcher and some Juvies.

Note: There are Boomshots and other weapons sitting atop boxes in the area, so have Jack fetch one for you if you need a heavy weapon to take on the Snatcher.

Once the Swarm has been dealt with, head to the drill at the center of the room and have Jack gather the gas. Once he picks it up, more Swarm will attack from the rear. Take cover and slowly work your way back, taking them out as fast as possible so they don’t damage the canister.

Note: Enemies will focus their attacks on Jack and, if the canister reaches 0%, it will detonate and force you to reload the checkpoint. Although he wanders relatively freely, try to keep him as safe as possible as you make your way through the structure.

Stay in the area with the drill until the Juvies are dead, then proceed to the first cover in the next area. Play conservatively and destroy the enemy cover, then take them out quickly to avoid letting Jack take damage.

After you take out the Drones, several Juvies and Hunters will enter the room. Take the Juvies out quickly, then take out the Hunters before proceeding. In the next area, there will be fewer enemies, so take out the Juvies and the few Drones which remain, then continue to the right, around the corner, and lift the gate.

Follow the train tracks, then take out the gaggle of Juvies, and a Scion will emerge from the train car at the end. Destroy it, then bust down the door of the train car and hop up the ledge on the right.

Follow the path back around to the end, then help Del up the ledge and return to the Skiff.

Return to the area where the signal originated, then leave the Skiff and approach the marked spot on the ice. Inspect it, then choose to proceed to initiate a cutscene and close out the chapter.

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