Gears 5 – Act II / Chapter 5 Walkthrough (Dirtier Little Secrets)

Chapter 5 – Dirtier Little Secrets

Note: There are 6 Collectibles in Act 2: Chapter 5

As you walk forward, slowly making your way to the tower, the voices in Kait’s head will grow louder and louder.

Make your way through the gap and Kait will have another vision. Once it’s concluded, use Cloak and run past the turrets on the left and into the building.

Use a Shock Trap in the corner to short out the turrets, then head down the ramp and into the building in the lower area and do the same.

Head back to the gate and open it to initiate a cutscene. Once it’s finished, follow Niles until he opens the first gate, then take the ramp up and to the left. Open the door, then cross the room and open the door on the left.

Have Jack drop a Shock Trap next to the generator at the end of the row to short out some of the cryo jets. Return to Niles and he’ll vent the remaining gas, so follow him through the lower level and through the next two doors.

In the next area, follow Niles to the right and he’ll open the door to the next area. Loop around to the right, climb the ramp, then take the door on the left and a cutscene will begin.

After the cutscene concludes, head around the tank and up the ramp on the right. Take a right and head through the doorway on the left.

Take the path back to the right and follow Niles around the pathway to the left. Stim your way through the cryo jets, then use Shock Trap on the generator to the left to allow Niles to proceed, then follow him through the next door and another cutscene will begin.

After the cutscene concludes, head up the ramp to the right and into the building. Smash one of the frozen Locust and take a Pipe. Smash the frozen Locust on the far right side to reveal a door, then kick it down and hit the ice boulder with the Pipe to break it and create a path forward.

Use Stim and roadie run through the next area and inspect the seated figure on the right to end the cryo lockdown and make the area safe.

Head into the room on the left and slide down the chute, then head to the right and lift the gate. Circle around to the left in the next area, smash the frozen Locust and claim the Cryo Cannon, then head into the next room.

Niles will free some of the Locust Drones, so fight them off. Use the Cryo Cannon to freeze them and set them up for instant kills with the Pipe, or other weapons.

Work your way through the area as you clear them out and use Shock Traps to shut off the cryo gas throughout the area.

After you’ve cleared out the Locust, flip the switch on the left side of the door at the end of the room, then send Jack through the access port to the left, and more Locust will attack.

Fight off the waves of Locust (use the Longshot on the left side of the area if you need something good for long-range attacks), then head through the door and flip the switch on the left side.

Head through the corridor and grab the Cryo Cannon on the left side before heading through the next door.

In this room, Niles will free Sires to attack you, so set them up for Del and Jack with the Cryo Cannon.

Note: If the Sires get close to you, they can grab you and attempt to carry you off.

Kill the Sires, then head down the ramp and into the next area. Follow the curving path, back towards the entrance to the facility. Lift the gate at the end with Del’s help and you’ll catch a glimpse of the Matriarch.

Head down the sloping ramp, then take the path on the left and keep going until you reach the first cryo gas area you encountered. Niles will free more Sires, so take them out, then loop around the path to the left and duck under the gate to follow Niles.

Niles will close the door, so have Jack unlock it and take the path to the left. Pick up extra ammo and weapons, then head through the doorway to enter a room filled with ice, where you’ll encounter Niles and the Matriarch.

The Matriarch

The Matriarch has a weak spot on her back, but she is virtually impervious to damage any place but there, so freeze her with the Cryo Cannon, Jack’s Flash Freeze, or by dunking her in freezing water, then circle around and unleash on the weak spot.

Throughout the fight, the Matriarch will pull Kait into a vision, which will temporarily blind her, so keep moving when that happens to avoid taking heavy damage, and hide behind ice pillars whenever possible.

The Matriarch will also perform an instant-kill charging attack, so dodge roll left or right to avoid the attack. Use Jack abilities and break the ice beneath her feet to create opportunities to deal damage. Keep these things in mind to bring a swift end to the fight.

Once the fight is over, a cutscene will trigger, marking the end of the chapter.

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