Gears 5 – Act III / Chapter 2 Walkthrough (Rocket Plan)

Chapter 2 – Rocket Plan

Note: There are 6 Collectibles in Act III: Chapter 2.

Once you get through the door, head down the stairs on the left, then continue through the doorway on the bottom level. Move through the sand-filled corridor and open the double doors at the end to find the Command Center.

Cross to the far side of the room and flip the lever to raise the lights and get a visual of the rest of the complex, then turn right and have Jack access the port in the middle of the console on the right side of the room.

After Jack finds the correct files, a door will open on the opposite side of the room, so head through the door, down the stairs, and follow the path around to the left.

Aim across the gap and have Jack use the port on the gantry to bring it close enough to board. Climb aboard and Fahz will move it to the other side, then open the double doors ahead of you to enter the next area.

Climb the stairs and circle around to the right, then head through the corridor to return outside. Follow the path to the right to enter the next section and begin an encounter with the Swarm.

The Swarm won’t know you are there at first, but there aren’t very many of them, so use Jack’s Stealth ability to position yourself or simply wade in with Stim.

Hijacking the Hunter with the Torque Bow also helps loosen up the enemy quite a bit, so dispatch them all and then follow the path around to the left. Walk up the sand-covered steps and up the two ledges to reach the double doors, then head through them to enter the next area.

This area has more Swarm than the previous one, but they also remain unaware of your presence. You can stealthily kill the entire room with 2-3 uses of Jack’s fully upgraded Stealth ability, but even if you opt for a different strategy, we recommend at least taking out most of the bottom floor, or stealthily climbing up to the second floor before initiating combat.

Once they are all dead, head to the far side of the room (opposite the door you entered) and approach it and three more Swarm Drones will enter. Take them out, then continue through the door they opened.

Head through the corridor to the far side (grabbing the Mulcher in the small room near the end on the right side) to find a door, which has been welded shut. Set Jack to rip it, then either take cover with the Mulcher or hop on the turret to defend against the waves of Swarm.

The wave begins with a few Poppers and Juvies, so focus on taking out the Poppers first. Most of the next wave consists of Juvies and Drones, so focus on taking out the Juvies first, then kill the Drones. A few Hunters will join the mix, so Hijack one of them to make things significantly easier to manage until the Warden shows up. Get away from the turret once the Warden appears and use Flash/Flash Freeze to set it up for headshots.

Once it’s dead, the door will open, so head down the corridor and open the door at the end. From there, aim left and have Jack pull the gantry closer, then board it. After Fahz moves it to the next platform, take the stairs on the right and flip the lever to get part of the rocket moving.

It will get stuck, so kick it, then push it and two Pouncers will appear. Hijack one and focus fire on the other, then take out the Hijacked Pouncer. Once they are both dead, return to the gantry. Once it begins moving again, the Swarm will attack.

Stay in cover until the gantry gains the high ground, then take potshots at the Drones behind cover or throw Frag Grenades down on them from above.

A Scion and Bastion will appear once the gantry starts moving to the right, so focus on dealing with them as the gantry moves back to the left and docks. Exit and find cover and continue to clear them out, picking up the nearby Markza or Longshot in case you need long range weapons.

Climb down the ladder once the Swarm is dispatched and two Flocks will appear. Once they are dead, flip the lever to load the second satellite, then climb aboard the gantry to make for the next platform.

After the gantry reaches the top, exit and flip the lever on the console next to the rocket, then head through the double doors on your left. Head up the stairs on the left, then loop around to catch a glimpse of the rocket as it makes its way down the track.

Drop down the ledge, then slide down the sandy slope to run into another group of Swarm. Use Stealth before sliding down the slope, or slide down to the barrier halfway down the slope and use the high ground to take them out while they are in cover.

Once you drop down to the bottom, Hijack the Scion and focus fire on the Poppers and Juvies, then take the Scion out and proceed down the hallway.

Duck through the rubble to enter the next area, then head forward to the ruined tank, then take a right and head into the tunnel. Head right at the junction, then continue down the stairs and take the first exit on the left.

Cross to the other side of the room, then open the double doors. Turn left and head through the gap in the wall to meet back up with the satellite, then slide down the sandy slope on the right.

Stop at the barrier on the left side of the slope, because the Swarm will begin attacking from the ground level. Hijack one, then clear out the others, then slide down to the bottom and drop off the ledge on the left.

Take a right once you reach the next corridor (there is a Boomshot up the sandy slope to the left) and walk to the end and you’ll be ambushed by a Carrier, a Popper, and some Juvies.

Take cover and fight it off, and fall back if you need to. Poppers will occasionally appear, and the red canisters on the sides of the hallway are explosive, so use those to your benefit. You can even fall back to the ledge you dropped down to give yourself extra breathing room, as the Carrier won’t be able to pursue.

Once it’s dead, continue down the corridor to the far side, then take a left and have Jack open the door. Head into the next are and take the stairs up to the next level and board the lift.

Hit the lever to move to the next level, then exit and follow the path around to the left until you reach the control room, then open the double doors on the right.

Follow the corridor, then climb the stairs on the left side and open those double doors to return outside, then make your way to the Skiff.

Head southeast, towards the Train Bridge. As you approach, the nomads will lift it, so continue heading southeast on the Skiff, through the windflare, until you reach the Train Turntable.

Head inside and you’ll run into a handful of Swarm. Take them out and a Scion will appear on a lift at the bottom of the stairs. Kill it, then follow the walkway to the left and take out the Swarm blocking your path.

Another Scion will appear, so Hijack it and clear out the rest of the Drones, then finish off the Scion and a Warden with a Bastion will appear, with a few accompanying Juvies. Take out the Juvies, then kill the Bastion so you can focus on the Warden.

Backtrack through the area to give yourself some breathing room, then head down the path once they are all dead and head through the double doors.

Have Jack access the port to realign the tracks, then head back to the Skiff. Race back to the Train Bridge, then ride under it to find the Bridge Control House.

Exit the Skiff and run up the ramp to find the Swarm have overtaken the area. Kill them, or sprint past them to reach the controls, which have been destroyed.

Pick up the Salvo and fire at the yellow bracing bracket on the bridge to destroy it and lower the bridge, allowing the rocket to pass safely.

Make a move to exit the structure and you’ll be ambushed by Juvies and a Pouncer. Hijack the Pouncer and use it to take out the large wave of Drones advancing up the hill, then finish off the Pouncer to end the encounter, and close out the chapter.

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