Gears 5 – Act III / Chapter 3 Walkthrough (Some Assembly Required)

Chapter 3 – Some Assembly Required

Note: There are 13 Collectibles in Act III: Chapter 3.

After lowering the Train Bridge and dispatching the Swarm at the Bridge Control House, return to the Skiff and hearth north to return to the Rocket Hangar.

Note: This is the point of no return for this Act, so hit “Cancel” if you want to gather more collectibles, Relic Weapons, or Ultimate Upgrades for Jack before finishing the Act.

Head down the stairs, then turn right and continue through the corridor, then open the double doors to return to the control room.

Head through the door on the left side, then take the stairs on the right. Descend to the lower level, then cross to the far side to find the lever.

Flip it and a Snatcher will hop through the area, dislodging the nose cone. Head around the console, then descend the stairs to the ground level and cross under the rocket and two Snatchers will appear.

Take cover and take potshots at one of the Snatchers, setting a focus on it for your teammates to follow. Several of the blocks have red canisters embedded in them which emit streams of fire, so wait for the Snatcher to get close, then shoot them to deal extra damage.

After you kill one of the Snatchers, two Scions will appear, so Hijack one, then continue to focus fire on the remaining Snatcher until it falls, then finish off the Scions.

Once the last of the Swarm are dead, continue to the end of the row and grab a Mulcher dropped by one of the Scions, then head left and circle around and climb aboard the gantry. Have Jack activate it, then ride it up to the top of the rocket.

Once you reach the top, Juvies and Poppers will flood across the rocket’s tail section, so put the Mulcher to good use and take them out, and a cutscene will begin, marking the end of the chapter.

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