Gears 5 – Act III / Chapter 4 Walkthrough (One Small Step)

Chapter 4 – One Small Step

Note: There are 0 Collectibles in Act III: Chapter 4.

Once the cutscene concludes, the door to the control room will open, so rush out and head right, then open the hatch and drop down.

A giant creature will appear and threaten to crush the platform, so wait until the spiracles on the creature open (ejecting Leeches), then shoot the exposed area until it bursts. Continue the process for the next spiracle and the creature will let go.

The ground will buckle and break and the team will fall to a lower level. The creature will attack again, this time exposing spiracles both in front and behind the player, so repeat the process and look for openings, then shoot exposed areas until they burst.

Once the creature lets go, run down the ramp and circle around to the next platform and the creature will return. Grab a Mulcher and look around to get a sense of where the spiracles are.

This time the opening spiracles will eject entire Flocks, but ignore them and focus on shooting the exposed areas until they burst, then take out the Flock while watching for next spiracle.

After destroying each of the spiracles, the platform will break, sending Delta sliding down to the lower level. Take a left, then descend the ramp and turn right. Hop onto the lift and hit the lever to begin a cutscene.

After the cutscene concludes, Delta will be trapped beneath the engines, and the Kraken will begin its attack in earnest.

The Kraken has a virtually endless supply of prehensile tongues, which are capable of shattering cover and grabbing teammates (and you). The Kraken doesn’t deal much damage itself, however, so being out of cover isn’t a huge problem.

Shoot the glowing ends of the tongues to destroy them, and be sure to act quickly if a member of Delta gets grabbed. Hit B repeatedly if you are unfortunate enough to get grabbed, yourself. Move to cover as the tongues lash out and they’ll destroy the cover instead of grabbing you.

Keep destroying the tongues until the Kraken retreats and returns, and repeat the cycle twice and the rocket will begin the firing sequence.

Once that happens, make a break for the tunnel on the right, then roadie run towards the exit and a cutscene will begin, marking the end of the Chapter, and the Act.

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