Gears 5 – Act IV / Chapter 1 Walkthrough (Homefront)

Chapter 1 – Homefront

Note: There are 4 Collectibles in Act IV: Chapter 1.

After the intro cinematic concludes, head forward up the ramp and out into the street. Carmine will drop the first beacon, so wait until it’s calibrated and then the Hammer of Dawn will clear out the Carrier and other Swarm, and Cole will arrive.

Once the Swarm are cleared out, grab a Beacon from behind the first set of cover, then drop down and follow the street around to the right.

Hop up on the car pancaked in front of the building, and Cole will lift you up so you can proceed. Head inside the building and follow the path down the stairs, then take a left and drop down.

As soon as you hit the ground floor, a Swarmak will arrive, so take cover and fire at the blisters to deal damage to it.

Note: From the point where the Swarmak appears, head to the right and hop over the counter to find a Longshot.

Once it’s dead, head out into the street and take out the Drones. Head up the slope on the right side and pick up the Mulcher next to the building, then head inside and continue working your way through the ruins, until you encounter a Warden. Take it out and Marcus will plant the next beacon.

Once the beacon is planted, head over and grab one of the targeting lasers. Head back to the edge of the floor overlooking the street and use the Hammer of Dawn to take out the Swarm.

Once they are all dead, Marcus will elect to stay behind and the door on the far end of the room will open.

Head through the door and down the hall, then turn left and drop down to emerge onto the street. Head left, then drop off the ledge and slide down the slope to enter the lower floor of another ruined building.

Weave through the walkways and drop down at the end to encounter a group of Rejects. Take out as many as you can with stealth as you follow the path to the right.

Note: The path leading to the right has fewer Rejects to deal with, while the path leading down and to the left has more Rejects, but also has some hidden Jack Components.

Climb the stairs, then clear out another group of Rejects and continue forward to enter another arena.

A Stump is positioned on the landing opposite your entry point, so Hijack it and get to work killing the Drones. Several Bastions will join the fight, so focus fire on them, one by one.

Once they are all dead, proceed up the ledges on the other side of the arena to find a lift. Have Jack access the port to open the door, then drop down and proceed through the corridor.

Cut through the power cables blocking your way, then head through the newly-opened doorway and into the next area.

Hop over the barrier on the right then continue up the corridor and duck under the pipe at the end to reach the street outside the Tomb of the Unknowns.

Head across the street to the door, then open it to enter the Tomb.

Move forward, then down the ramp on the right and Hijack the Pouncer, then throw Frag Grenades in the two Swarm nests on the main floor to close them and stop the enemy reinforcements from coming.

Clear the remaining Swarm out, then head down the stairs and cut left across the cemetery to reunite with Paduk. Once you reach Paduk, another Swarm nest will open on the far side of the cemetery and several Hunters and Drones will emerge.

Grab the Tri-Shot near Paduk, then head to the right side of the area and drop down into the ditch. Head up the right side of the area to flank the enemy, then throw a Frag Grenade into the nest.

Loop around the perimeter of the cemetery and a new nest will open. Throw a Frag Grenade into it to close it, then clear out the remaining Swarm and take cover.

Two Scions, a Bastion, and some Drones will appear from the other side of the cemetery, so Hijack one of the Scions, then place a focus target on the other and let the rest of Delta squad loosen them up while you take out the Drone and the Bastion.

Soon a Warden and Bastion will join the fight, so focus fire on the Bastion first, then spread out and engage the Warden.

Use the Torque Bows and other explosive weapons dropped by the Hunters to make quick work of it.

Once every last one is dead, return to the area where you first found Paduk and have Jack retrieve the beacon. Pick it up and head through the door at the end of the room.

Head up the slope on the left side and plant the beacon near the top, then grab a Hammer of Dawn targeting beacon and the Swarm will descend on your location.

Drones and Scions (armed with Dropshots) will flood the area, followed by a group of Pouncers, then several Snatchers. Use the Hammer of Dawn to destroy them all, and keep Jack’s Stim or Barrier ready until victory is yours and a cutscene triggers, marking the end of the chapter.

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