Gears 5 – Act IV / Chapter 2 Walkthrough (The Fall / Final)

Chapter 2 – The Fall

Note: There are 0 Collectibles in Act IV: Chapter 2 – The Fall.

After the cutscene ends, turn right and make your way through the corridor, then turn left and lift the barrier, then duck through to trigger a cutscene.

After the cutscene is over, turn right and head up the ramping floor and open the double doors to reach the next area.

Pick up the Lancers, Gnashers, and Buzzkill to replace the weapons you lost, then head down the slope to the right and you’ll run into a Flock, some Juvies, and Poppers.

Take out the Juvies quickly, then use the Buzzkill to make short work of a large wave of Drones, and a Scion will appear. Hijack it and clear out the rest of the Swarm.

Once they are dead, head down to the edge of the building, then cut left through the train cars and the Kraken will claim another beacon.

Drop down from the last train car, then head down the slope on the right and duck under the gap in the wall to reunite with Marcus. The group will be attacked by several Pouncers, so Hijack one, then focus fire the other.

Note: There is a Dropshot along the wall at the end of the ramp on the left.

Soon a Stump and Bastion will enter the scene, so have your team focus fire on the Bastion while you finish off the Pouncer, then switch to the Stump. Once they are all dead, a cutscene will trigger.

Once the cutscene concludes, you’ll be riding on top of the transport.

Grab any ammo refills or weapons you need from the back, then take cover against the sides and shoot the Juvies and Poppers that chase after you in the tunnel.

The path will soon be blocked, so hop down and take out the stragglers, then take covers as sniper Drones take position on the ridge opposite the transport.

Hijack one of the snipers, or a Hunter (once they start appearing), then focus on killing Juvies and Poppers as they close in.

After the rest of the Swarm have been dispatched, a Carrier and a Flock will appear. Take out the Flock first, setting it as a priority target, then you’ll have more freedom to kite the Carrier as you whittle it down.

Once they are all dead, hop back onto the minotaur to continue. Shoot the Flock and Poppers who rush the transport, then hop off the transport once it comes to a stop.

With the Swarmak fast approaching, load up on ammo and weapons (there is a Boomshot in the bed of the truck), then hop down and take cover and a cutscene will trigger.

After the cutscene is over, you’ll be back in the Minotaur, so fire back as you proceed to your next destination, then hop off the transport and take cover.

Poppers and Juvies will rush you while Drones and Psions slowly approach, so take out the poppers first and Hijack the strongest enemy you can find.

Hold out until Baird drops a payload on the enemy, then climb the ladder behind you to reach the upper level.

The rail gun has to charge between shots, so set a priority target on one Flock and help Delta take it down using one of the turrets on either side of the rooftop, then move to the next one as you defend the cannon.

After clearing out the Flocks, the Kraken will return, so fall back and take cover and start shooting tongues.

After a short while, the rail gun will complete its charging sequence, so run over to it and activate it, then align the gun and shoot.

After taking a shot, the Kraken will open its mouth and begin to inhale the group, so shoot the glowing tonsils at the back of its throat to shut it up, then fall back and shoot each tongue as it emerges.

Note: Be sure to take cover during this period, as being grabbed by the tongue at this point can result in instant death. If all the breakable cover has been destroyed, take cover behind either of the rail guns.

Once this volley of tongues has been destroyed, the rail gun will be recharged but, as you approach, the Kraken will begin to inhale again, so burst the tonsils, then make a break for the gun and fire again to finish the fight and trigger the final cutscene.

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