Gears 5 – Act I / Chapter 2 Walkthrough (Diplomacy)

Chapter 2 – Diplomacy

Note: There are 5 Collectibles in Act 1: Chapter 2

After the cutscene concludes, head left, then walk up the stairs past Baird and pick up the Flash module.

Once you’ve acquired and equipped Flash, head around the corner to the right and pick up a Lancer from the weapon rack, then pop into cover to begin the training exercise.

After learning how to use Flash effectively, conclude the training session and return the Lancer to the weapon rack. Return to the main room, then take the exit on the right to exit Baird’s lab and meet Fahz.

After the cutscene concludes, head across the hall and circle around the table to find a Component, or pick up the one in the locker around the corner, then open the Jack menu and select an upgrade.

Once you’ve decided which upgrade you want, head out of the room and take the path left to begin making your way towards Jinn’s office. Open the door to initiate the cutscene which marks the end of Chapter 2.

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