Gears 5 – Act I / Chapter 3 Walkthrough (This Is War)

Chapter 3 – This Is War

Note: There are 7 Collectibles in Act 1: Chapter 3

After the opening cutscene, you’ll be pinned down and forced to use your Talon sidearm to fend off waves of Juvies. Use Jack’s Flash ability to stun them, which should give you time to reload or kill them before they approach.

Hold out until Del and Fahz arrive. Once you’ve been freed from the wreckage, follow the path around to the right and head through the narrow gap to gain a view of your goal.

Continue around the corner, then break down the door and you’ll catch sight of a Swarmak. Hostiles will flood the area, taking out the friendly DeeBees, so clear them out, then head up the stairs to the left to circle up and around to the next floor.

Hop over the broken windowsill, then open the door across the rooftop to enter the next area. Head down the stairs, then take a left past the private and continue down the hall.

You’ll soon reach the apartment, which is full of civilians. Pick up any ammo and Components, then head through the broken section of wall to join the fight in the streets.

Work your way through the crowded streets, being careful to avoid the snipers posted in the building on the right, and you’ll soon be given the option for some robotic reinforcements.

Choose your preferred type, then use them, and Jack, to continue to clear out the remaining Swarm while providing support for Lizzie and her DeeBee units.

Soon a Scion will arrive, so use Jack’s Flash ability to stun it, then lay into it with the strongest weapons you have.

Once you have dispatched it, and the rest of the Swarm, gather more ammo, collect any appealing weapons, then approach the center of the area, and some Pouncers will arrive. Take cover and kill both Pouncers, then regroup with Lizzie and the rest of Delta.

Baird will notify you Carmine and a few others are pinned down, so turn around and bust through the gate, then continue to initiate a cutscene.

After the cutscene concludes, move through the first area, then head left at the fork and follow the path around through the Condor wreckage.

Duck through the gap in the wreckage to catch a glimpse of a Snatcher, then make your way out onto the street. Head left and take out the Juvies and Poppers, then continue around the corner and take out the second wave, then follow the path through the door on the right.

Break through the door and you’ll encounter another group of the Swarm fighting off Carmine’s DeeBee units, so take cover and clear them out as you push towards Carmine’s position.

The Swarm have control of a turret at the top of the plaza, so use Jack’s Flash ability to stun them and force them to flee, or use a Frag Grenade to clear them out.

Once they are clear, you’ll gain access to the new Lancer GL, so pick one up, take cover, and use the Grenade Launcher attachment to take out the oncoming Swarm.

Clear out the Psion and the accompanying Drones, then you’ll fight off a wave of Juvies and Poppers. Use the Grenade Launcher and Frag Grenades to take out clusters, and stay close to the rest of Delta until the worst passes.

Control will also offer you a few DeeBee units to assist you, so choose your favorite, then set them on priority targets throughout the encounter. Several waves will follow, from alternating sides, so use the turret when available, then take out the two Pouncers and the Snatcher will appear.

Stop firing and stay behind cover when its tail begins to shine to avoid being downed, and aim for the weakened underbelly to make the most of every bullet.

Take it out to initiate a cutscene which will mark the end of Chapter 3.

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