Gems of War – Top 9 Things That Newbies Must Focus On

Before you do anything, you’ll really want to know about these 9 important things before you start spending your time, effort (and perhaps money) on Gems of War!

1) Join a Guild

Guilds will provide you with residual loot: keys, glory, souls, you name it. You barely have to do anything, too. It would be crazy not to join a guild the instant you create a new account and start a game. When searching for a guild, look for one that is nearly full of members and has no level restriction. 

Most guilds require you to complete weekly objectives, like X-amount of seals (you get seals for doing things like just logging in every day, killing any kind of enemy through any means – world levels, daily games, etc, leveling up, perfect arena runs, etc. Every time you do any of these things, you’ll need to visit the “Seals” tab of your guild and click the “Claim All” button to get the seals you’ve earned for doing these things. When everyone in the guild does this, it increases the entire guild’s weekly seal count and you have a higher probability to get better stuff from a Guild Chest in the shop.

Guilds have special events called Invasions and Guild Wars, both of which will be impossible for you until you’ve progressed much further down the line.

2) Don’t buy or use anything

Yet.This game is very complex, and very confusing in the beginning. There are tons of items in your inventory, and you won’t know what any of them are, which ones you should be conservative with, or which ones to buy with real world money (if you do that sort of thing). 

A few of the things you never, ever want to recklessly spend are trait stones, Gems, and Ingots. Make sure you read up about all of these. Don’t worry, you’ll catch on quickly, but you’ll be glad that you didn’t waste anything when you’ve gotten there.

DON’T do these things, without knowing all about them: 

  • Use trait stones in ANY way
  • Upgrade weapons with ingots
  • Level up troops
  • Buy and/or use keys
  • Rush through level-ups
  • Buy anything with real life money or Gems

3) …Except armor

Rule #2 above mentioned not spending anything, but one thing you might want to consider is buying either Celestial, Dragon or Deathknight armor right away. 

These are the top 3 armors in the game, and give a tremendous boost to your gold, souls and/or XP. If you decide to buy armor, it’s advised to do it immediately so that you can start stacking these bonuses from your very first week. Deathknight armor can only be purchased with real life money ($50 USD), the rest – with 500 Gems. It might take you awhile to get the 500 Gems for Celestial/Dragon armor, but those can be purchased with real world money if you chose to do so. 

Deathknight Armor is, of course, the most recommended armor if you can choke up the price tag. When you buy armor, you’ll want to do that only one time as you can obviously equip only one armor at a time. If you spend 500 gems on Celestial Armor and later want Dragon, it will hurt to waste another 500 gems. So, think long term, and do what’s comfortable and logical.

The one thing you’ll be starving for in this game in the beginning is Gold. There simply is never enough for all of the kingdoms you have to unlock and level, and any means of getting more is a huge bonus. Souls are used to upgrade your troops, although it’s not advised to do this until you know which troops in your collection are worth it.

In case you were wondering, here’s what they do. These boosts apply to every instance where you receive Gold, Souls or XP for anything you do:

  • Celestial Armor: gives +50% Gold, +100% Souls, +50% XP
  • Dragon Armor: gives +100% Gold, +50% Souls, +50% XP
  • Deathknight Armor: gives +100% Gold, +100% Souls, +100% XP

On an unrelated note, if the thought of spending real life money hurts, keep in mind that 1) this game is free, 2) the devs go out of their way to make you feel special for spending real money through “VIP” points. If you buy Deathknight armor, it will bump you up to a VIP level where you’ll have every enemy team member revealed for every fight, permanently. That alone is a massive bonus. The higher VIP tiers continue to give better and better things.

4) Unlock All Kingdoms

Your first goal should be to unlock all of the kingdoms on the map. They provide a chance to receive gold, glory and souls every day through something called a “tribute.” Tributes are gifts given to you by kingdoms. You get these on a timed basis throughout the day, and every time you open the game up, a pop-up will appear where you can collect these free items if they are available.

Unlocking a kingdom will also unlock a banner. Banners can be assigned to your team, and will provide a bonus (and in some cases, a bonus and a demerit) to color combinations. These will help you increase your chances of getting Mana Surges in battles.

What order should I unlock kingdoms in?

There’s no right answer to this – it really comes down to personal preference. The bigger question is which kingdom you should complete each main quest for, and in which order: each kingdom will give you a unique 4* troop upon completion when you complete its main quest. Research what each of them are to help decide which ones you want first. Just keep in mind that these “kingdom troops” are mostly niche heroes that are not all-around Swiss army knife heroes – they all tend to do one unique thing that’s good in a certain scenario, when paired with other certain kinds of troops.

5) Choose a Home Kingdom

All kingdoms can become your Hero’s home kingdom. When you unlock a kingdom and click it, click the “Tribute” tab. From there, you can set the kingdom to your home kingdom. You can change this as often as you want. 

A home kingdom will give you a special bonus, and each one varies as to what that bonus is. It is recommended for new players to choose Khaziel if they want the biggest Gold boost, or Whitehelm for the biggest Glory boost.

6) Research a “Class” and Train for iIt

When each kingdom’s main quest line has been finished, it will unlock a unique Class that you can choose. It defines what your main character (aka, hero) will be. You actually do not have to use your hero in battle at all; but, in the beginning, it is one of the best characters to use as it can be upgraded in a manner unlike any troop in the game. It will directly receive numerous bonuses for the four main stats by leveling up kingdoms and through traditional level-ups. Using a weapon will give the hero unique abilities (the “weapon” will replace and represent your Hero on your team when you equip it – this is confusing to understand as a new player). 

Choosing a class will then put your hero down a path where you can selectively choose a number of different abilities called “Talents” based on hitting levels 1, 5, 10, 20, 40, 70 & 100 of that Class. While all Classes have different talents, some of these talents can be through of as extreme advantages in battle, and will help you tremendously. Best yet, you can switch your choices for these at any time!

Most players recommend that the best classes in the game are Titan, Archer and Dragonguard. Note that these may or may not be the best for you, as it depends on what colors your hero and team troops use, and what kind of team you intend to build.

Later on, you can upgrade your hero Class’s “Traits”, which are permanent abilities that your hero will instantly receive in battle. There are 3 of these for every class, and they come at a huge expense of items called “Trait stones.” You’ll find that you will accumulate tons of these trait stones over time through doing regular world battles (and other events), but there will always be that one trait stone you never seem to find, or get on such a rare basis. With that being said, you have to really be sure if you want a trait, as it will take a very long time to get new trait stones again.

The reason why you’ll want to get started on a Class right away: the game records how many battle wins you’ve had while training for that Class. After 250 wins, you get the Class’s unique weapon, which is a high level weapon that has unique abilities. Be sure to research via Google to learn about what each of the Class unique weapons are, and what they do.

7) Grind the Arena, PvP and Treasure Hunt Daily

All 3 of these mini games can be found in the “Games” tab at the bottom of your main screen, and they are invaluable for new players. 


The Arena costs some gold as an entry fee. Once you enroll, you’re entered into a gamut of 8 battles (you don’t have to do them consecutively – you can return at any point later in the day/week/etc. to continue on with the next battle). You’ll be given a choice of assembling a team right on the spot, using 3 random troops (they’re not yours, just given to you for the sake of the Arena fight), plus your hero. 

To “win” the arena, you have to win all 8 battles. You’re only given 1 loss – if you lose a 2nd battle, the Arena fight is over and you get a consolation prize. If you win the Arena entirely, you get a decent payout (for a new player). If you all 8 rounds with 0 losses, you’ll get extra Seals if you’re in a guild.


PvP is self explanitory – the game will let you either choose a real PvP match which will count toward your all-time PvP stats, or a simple “for fun” match. There’s even an option where you can battle your own team, to see how tough it is (a very cool feature which will let you know how well or how poorly the computer’s AI uses your team). With PvP, you’ll get to choose between a player who is less of a match for you, an equal match to you, or above you. They give better payouts on an ascending level. You’ll be able to get nicer items like ingots for winning PvP matches. 

While you’re fighting the team of a real life person somewhere else in the world, you’re actually playing the computer, who is using that team to fight against you. It is not a real-time battle with a human being.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt is a game you can play whenever you come across a treasure map in battle (you get these randomly in world levels, and several troops will boost your chance of finding them). 

This is a very casual and relaxing game where you match coins and chests. At the end, the board is wiped and all of the objects become your reward. In Treasure Hunt, you match 3 or more copper coins to make a silver coin, 3 or more silver coins to make a gold coin, 3 or more gold coins to make a wooden chest, 3 or more wooden chests to make a green chest, 3 or more green chests to make a red chest and 3 or more red chests to make a vault. Matches of 5 of any item will give you a free turn. 

Your objective is to get as many free turns as you can, and to match items at the bottom of the screen as higher priority, so additional matches can materialize at the top of the screen. The payouts from Treasure Hunt are very helpful for new players – not as much to mid-game players.

8) Level up Your Kingdoms

You’ll want to worry about this less in the beginning of the game, but it will increase in importance after a few dozen levels. Every kingdom can be leveled up to level 10 – at which, you’ll receive a permanent skill increase. Each kingdom has a skill increase that includes either attack, armor, magic or health. 

To find out what skill a kingdom has, visit that kingdom and click “Kingdom Levels & Power”. You’ll see which stat will activate at level 10. It costs an immense amount of Gold to fully level a kingdom to level 10, with the final level being around 40,000 gold. In general, most players recommend that you pursue skill increases in this order: 1) Magic, 2) Attack, 3) Health, 4) Armor. 

It’s also important to note that leveling up kingdoms will increase the amount of tributes they’ll pay out to you every day, and it will also increase a certain color (Gem Mastery) by +1 with each level. Gem Mastery will increase your chances of getting Mana Surge for that color during battle. You can see your current % chance of getting a Mana Surge by clicking on your avatar on the main screen, and then the “Masteries” tab.

9) Unlock Expansions

A couple kingdoms have unique expansions to the game that you need to know about. These are the special kingdoms that unlock new areas of the game:

  • Blighted Lands: Completing its quest line will unlock the Soulforge. This opens up a new section in the Games menu. The Soulforge can create some very high level weapons and troops, at the cost of many special items. However, in order to fully use it, you’ll have to get it to level 10. Every “kill” you achieve in battle will level the forge. Therefore, I suggest working toward completing Blighted Lands as soon as possible so that you can start leveling the forge (if you don’t have patience, you can just buy forge level-ups with Gems). It’s also worth mentioning that the game does not notify you if the forge is ready to be leveled up, so you’ll have to check its status on a regular basis, and be sure to click the Level Up button when it’s ready.

  • Sin of Maraj: Complete the quest line of this kingdom to unlock the Underworld. This is an entirely new map filled with new Underworld kingdoms, each with their own banners, quests and other things to do. This will not be of much interest to the newer player, as it costs a good deal of gold to unlock each of these underworld kingdoms, and gold is not something you’ll have much of.

  • Drifting Sands: Completing its quest line will unlock the Dungeon, an area you can access in the “Games” menu at the bottom of your main screen. The Dungeon offers you 3 daily battles you can choose to participate in (with 3 difficulty levels). The prizes for winning are Soulforge materials. Dungeon battles are very hard – it is pointless to bother with the Dungeon until you’re past level 100 and have a team that can deal and receive heavy damage, and that’s just to beat the easiest dungeon tier…

The Ultimate Goal

All of these objectives will help you toward your main goal – and that is, to create your team. If you’ll notice, all of these tips talk about everything but the actual team composition itself. 

I designed this guide on purpose that way: your main focus is to get a residual income started, and to get your main character well-grounded and on the right path. 

You’ll also want to start hoarding things like gold, souls, Glory, keys, trait stones and ingots so that you can amass the right team and spend spend spend to get them powerful.

You’ll be using one main team of troops for quite awhile – perhaps a hundred or more levels in to the game. While you progress, you’ll get better and better troops — perhaps your first Legendary or Mythic troop. When that happens, you’ll be glad you didn’t waste all of your leveling items.

Once you’ve gotten all of these principles down and have spent enough time in the Arena, getting experience with using different kinds of troops, you’ll simply know the right way to set up your team, choose diverse troops with strategic colors and figure out which weapon suits you best. Have fun!

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